Changing Your Display Name, Gender, and/or Pronouns

The College of Wooster recognizes that our employees and students may identify themselves with names other than their legal names and/or have gender identities and/or use pronouns different from their legal gender/sex.

The College also acknowledges that an individual’s gender identity, pronouns, and/or chosen name should be used whenever possible in the course of a student’s education to ensure a supportive, inclusive living and learning environment that will facilitate a welcoming educational and personal experience for all at the College. The College of Wooster is committed to using the gender, pronouns, and chosen name of all members of the community in all materials to the extent that The College is not legally required to use that person’s legal name or legal gender/sex.

Process to Change Personal Records

To make have a chosen first name instead of a legal first name reflected within specific college records, or add your pronoun or gender identity into the system, additional information on the process can be found:

Read more about identity document changes.

Changing your “preferred” first name for certain records does not change your legal first name at The College of Wooster. For more information on where this information will be shared, check out our FAQ's on identity document changes.

Students may contact the Director of Sexuality and Gender Inclusion and/or the Office of the Dean of Students to learn more. 

Respecting Names & Pronouns

If a member of the community does not wish to change their official College records to reflect their identity, the College will endeavor to ensure the person’s name and pronouns will be respected in non-official capacities. It is expected that members of the Wooster community respect and refer to a person by the identity that they have shared with others. Non-official capacities include, but are not limited to: verbalizing in a class, group, or individual setting; writing on lists, attendance sheets, or other documents that are able to be altered; email communication to or about the person.

In addition to respecting names, pronouns, and gender identities, members of the community should also respect the restrooms that folks use. To learn more, visit our site on restrooms.

For more information on the full College of Wooster policy, please see the Scot’s Key (pdf.) on Preferred Primary Display Name, Gender, and Pronouns identity documents and Access and Use of Facilities and Grounds: Restrooms.