Microsoft Teams Spaces

Directions: Click on the time of your session to open the Microsoft Team STEM Zone space for that course.

Sessions with an "*" will hold their hours within the Microsoft Team set up for their specific class.


  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
BIOL 111     5 PM – Maresa 5 PM - Maresa  
BIOL 201 12 PM - Hiku
8 PM - Ana
8 PM - Ana 10 AM - Hiku   10 AM - Hiku and Ana
BIOL 202   12 PM - Mia     12 PM - Mia
CHEM 112 8 PM - Eran 2 PM–Marcel
8 PM - Shankar
8 PM - Eran 12 PM–Sarah
8 PM- Shankar
2 PM–Marcel
8 PM-Sarah
ESCI 105   8 PM – Hannah     8 PM - Hannah
ESCI 110   5 PM - Mazvita   1 PM - Mazvita  
ESCI 120     2 PM – Kendra*   8 PM - Kendra*
ESCI 200       8 PM - Juda  
NEURO 200   2 PM - Mahlet   2 PM - Mahlet  
PHYS 108   4 PM - Andrew   4 PM - Andrew  
PHYS 112 12 PM - Katie
4 PM - Ben
    6 PM - Ben 4 PM - Katie

Math Center

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Math 102 2 PM - Skylar     2 PM - Skylar    
Math 108         2 PM - Tessa*
Math 111   10 AM - Pavithra     5 PM - Pavithra
Math 112 8 PM – Isaac 6 PM - Isaac 3 PM - Harriet 3 PM - Harriet    
Data 201 6 PM – Maya   5 PM - Maya    

Computer Lab

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
CSCI 100     4 PM - Jemal 8 PM - Ivan 4 PM - Jemal
8 PM - Ivan

Expectations for ZIs:

  • Begin your meeting >5 min. before your start time (e.g. join the meeting by at least 1:55 for a 2:00 meeting time.)
  • Immediately turn on the closed captions (using the menu bar at the bottom of the window.)
  • As the ZI, your video and sound should be turned “on.”
  • When students join you will need to accept the student to the meeting and then promptly move them to an “attendee” using the “people” tab. (I assume students will be entering and exiting throughout the hour.)
  • Once students enter, please begin recording the session.
  • Please remind students to keep sound/video off unless they are asking a question. (Use your judgement, you can allow the students to keep video/sound on if only a handful are present and the session quality is not lost in doing so.)
  • Use the White Board function, if helpful, and please screenshot each board before you erase it, for our Zone records (Go to gear symbol at the top right corner of the board and export – the screenshot will end up in your downloads folder.)
  • Communicate session activity with me and your faculty supervisor in a timely manner. (Send an email with attendance names, a short summary of the meeting, any whiteboard screenshots, the chat questions/conversations, and any other relevant information.) 

Expectations for students participating in the Virtual STEM Zone:

  • Please enter the room with video and sound “off”.
    • If only a handful of students are present in the meeting, you can adjust your settings to “on” if preferred and not disrupting the quality of the session.
  • Please turn on your closed captions (using the menu bar at the bottom of the window) so you can best understand the ZI and the questions being asked.
  • If you want to ask a question:
    • Please utilize the Chat function to type out all questions you have (this will help the ZI make sure they address all questions and it will also serve as a space to record the questions for the faculty to see.)
    • You can also turn on your video and sound to ask a face to face question if you prefer – but please make sure to also record that question in the chat.
  • Remember this is an academic support provided by the College. Please dress and act appropriately.

* Please be aware that sessions will be recorded for both faculty and student use.