headshot of Pat RomneyThe Ombuds for The College of Wooster is Pat Romney, who can be reached at promney@wooster.edu or via phone at 413-253-5630.

Office hours:
Mondays | 9:00 am – 2:00 pm or by appointment

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ombuds Office at The College of Wooster is to ensure that the faculty, administrators and staff members at the College have a confidential, independent and neutral resource to facilitate fair and equitable resolution to concerns and problems that arise here at the College.

Role of the Ombuds

The function of the Ombuds is to advocate for fair and the equitable treatment of faculty, administrators and staff at The College of Wooster.

The Ombuds informally works within the institution to listen to concerns, promote equitable resolutions, provide information and referral services and to serve as an organizational resource to promote conflict management skills and provide insight into patterns of concerns that are operating within the institution.

The goal of the Ombuds is to improve the understanding and management of policy and procedures while fostering an environment of equitable and respectful treatment for the faculty, administrators and staff of The College of Wooster.

The Ombuds seeks to assure equity and fairness by:

  • Providing a safe, confidential, neutral and independent place where issues can be raised
  • Helping faculty and staff to clarify issues and concerns
  • Helping faculty and staff to generate options and identify available resources
  • Conducting informal investigation of faculty and staff concerns, when appropriate and providing upward feedback when patterns of concern indicate trends within the institution
  • Using alternative dispute resolution skills to assist faculty and staff in managing conflict effectively
  • Offering conflict resolution services, such as group facilitation, informal mediation and conflict management trainings, when appropriate.