Wooster Scottish Arts Society (WooSAS)

Wooster Scottish Arts Society (WooSAS)

Founded in 1998, the Wooster Scottish Arts Society (WooSAS) was first established in order to promote the Scottish arts and culture at the College of Wooster, and throughout the Wooster community. Membership includes the College of Wooster Pipe Band (CWPB), and the Highland Dancers, as well as any other interested students and faculty. The CWPB, and Scottish culture as a whole, are rooted in the tradition of the College itself. The CWPB takes part in many focal events on campus, such as marching first year students through the arch when they arrive on campus, and back out when they graduate as seniors. The CWPB and Highland Dancers are best known for their performances with the Scot Marching Band during football season, and the Symphonic Band in the spring. The CWPB and Highland Dancers can also be seen throughout the year at performances at the Wayne County Fair, and a show in downtown Wooster in the fall. In April 2012, the CWPB traveled to the Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland and placed second out of seven bands in the grade 5 band competition.

WooSAS is also known for holding several events on campus throughout the year. Traditionally, these events have included Scotoberfest in October, Robert Burns Night in February, and Tartan day in April. On October 13, 2012, WooSAS will be holding the first annual College of Wooster Piping and Drumming Competition on campus.

Contact Information

President: Krysden Schantz
Treasurer: Eric Hubbard
Advisor: Ned Brooks
Website: WooSAS Facebook Page


Every second Thursday at 6:00pm