• B.S., University of Wisconsin – Madison (Economics, International Studies, and Latin American Studies)
  • M.S., University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (Applied Economics)
  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (Applied Economics)
Areas of Interest

Professor Krause is a development economist with particular interests in gender, health, education and poverty reduction strategies in developing countries. Her most recent research focuses on women’s empowerment, knowledge about child health, and risk attitudes in Guatemala. She spent five years working on project evaluating the impact of youth entrepreneurship training programs in East Africa. Her current research is studying food security and gender in Maasai households in Tanzania. She has been published in the journals Economía, Journal of Development Effectiveness, Reconsidering Development, and World Studies in Education. She has partnered with a number of international organizations, including the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America, the International Food Policy Research Institute, the United States Agency for International Development, Oxford’s Poverty and Human Development Initiative, the Inter-American Development Bank, CARE International, and World Vision.

Areas of Interest

  • Development Economics
  • Global Health
  • Economics of Education
  • Food Security
  • Poverty
Courses Taught
  • First Year Seminar on Global Health and Inequality
  • Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
  • Principles of Economics
  • Econometrics
  • International Economic Development
  • Economics of Global Health
  • Health Economics
Independent Study Advising
  • Ireton, Tessa ’21 “Market Structure and Quality of Service: Investigating Oligopolies and the Quality of Nursing Home Care in California during the COVID-19 Pandemic”
  • Gately, Chris ’21 “An Evaluation of the Relationship between Income Inequality and Price Discrimination”
  • Hu, Yu. ’21 “The Impact of Opinion Leaders on YouTube towards Consumer Purchase Intentions”
  • Keller, Maddie ’21 “Impact of School Vouchers on Guardian Investment in Education”
  • Xenofontos, Andreas ’21 “Match-fixing in Cyprus: Examining the impact on fans’ soccer attendance”
  • Caroline Devine ‘19 “An Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Maternal Education’s Impact on Child Health Outcomes in the Developing Nation of Chad”
  • Christina Gorey ‘19 “After the Shooting Stops: The Effect of Infrastructure Destruction during Civil War on Long-term Population Health”
  • Emma Griffith ‘19 “Healthcare Decisions in the Arctic: Examining the Barriers to Accessing Quality Healthcare in the Circumpolar North”
  • Magia Karagianni ‘19 “The Impact of Austerity Measures on Gender Inequality in Europe”
  • Rachel Lau ‘19 “Beauty-based Consumer Discrimination in Modern Dance”
  • Beatrice Yarema ‘19 “The Effects of Women’s Bargaining Power on Household Health in Developing Countries”
  • Madelaine Braver ‘18 “An Interdisciplinary Examination into Factors that Impact the Long-Term Sustainability of Water Projects”
  • Ethan Greene ‘18 “Silent but Deadly: An Economic Approach to Reducing the Negative Externalities of the Beef Industry to the Environment”
  • Maansi Kumar ‘18 “Are we not peasants too?”: Investigating the Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity in Rural India
  • Komal Mesvani ‘18 “Caste Discrimination in the Indian Labor Market: Examining the Regional Differences in the Effect of Caste Affiliation on Wage Inequality in India’s Labor Market”
  • Dylan Pederson ‘18 “ONE GOD, ONE RACE, ONE TONGUE: A Study of Racial Inequality in Colombia”
  • Gio Tramonto ‘18 “Does Insurance Impact Happiness? An Analysis of Crop Micro-Insurance Structures’ Impact on the Well-Being of Farmers within Developing Economies. A Sri Lankan Study of Utility Framework & Linear Algebra”
  • Jessica Verghese‘18 “Foreign Aid in the Face of Corruption: An Estimation of the Impact on Health Indicators and Poverty in Developing Countries”
  • Alex Goldstein ’17 “Contagion Between the Mortgage Bond and Labor Markets”
  • Allie Munson ’17 “The Impact of the Tax Rate on Foreign Direct Investment in High Income Versus Low Income Countries”
  • Sarah Torio ’17 “Food for Thought: An Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on the Food Security for South African Farming Households”

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  • Gender, Agriculture, and Assets Project (Phase 2) Grant (IFPRI, Gates Foundation, USAID)
  • International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Grant
  • Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Dissertation Fellowship (IFPRI, OPHI, USAID)
  • Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy (CIFAP) Grant
  • Sylvia Lane Mentorship Fellowship with Prof. Laura Schechter (AAEA Trust)