• M.A., University of Amsterdam (American Studies) 2000
    • Ph.D., University of Minnesota 2008
Areas of Interest

My research interests include political psychology, public opinion, political communication, and the presidency. I have published work on, among other things, media and politics, interpersonal discussion and agenda setting, depictions of the poor in U.S. media.

Courses Taught
  • PSCI 211: Congress
  • PSCI 217: Media and Politics
  • PSCI 219: The Voice of the People? Public Opinion and Voting Behavior
  • PSCI 239: American Political Thought
  • PSCI 350: Research Methods and Design
Independent Study Advising

I have supervised Independent Study projects using a variety of methodological approaches and on many different topics in U.S. politics, including legislative-executive relations, public opinion, voting behavior, campaigns and elections, state politics, and judicial behavior.