Camila Castro is a native of San Juan, a mountainous and warm province in the midwest of Argentina. Castro will be managing La Casa Hispánica at the College.

Castro received a degree as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language at Universidad Nacional de San Juan in 2019 and has worked for more than five years in different institutions in both formal and informal education at different levels. In the future, Castro hopes to get a masters degree related to foreign language teaching.

From Camila Castro:
Aside from my professional career, I must say I am really passionate about sports. I have played handball for more than ten years, participating with my team in many national tournaments, and even representing my province in Argentina and in Chile. In addition, I am a big fan of soccer and I feel really strongly about the National Team. Vamos Argentina!

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and watching films or series. Also, as most Argentinians do, I have a strong bond with my family and friends, so I love spending a lot of quality time together drinking mate, eating empanadas or asado, or maybe everything at the same time! I cannot wait to share my culture with you, and to learn from all of you as well!