• B.A., French, Wake Forest University, 1989
  • M.A., French Studies, New York University 1996
  • Ph.D., French Studies, New York University 2002
Areas of Interest

Over ImageMy research explores the history of France’s colonial empire, processes of decolonization, and postcolonial relations between France and its former colonies. Although my primary geographical focus is on sub-Saharan Africa, my current work increasingly extends to the French-speaking Caribbean. I also maintain an active scholarly interest in the Maghreb and contemporary France, and am particularly attuned to questions relating to migrations, minority communities, national identities, and education.

My book examines a series of contests that helped to shape the Federation of French West Africa between 1900 and 1950. I devote particular attention to colonial schools: although they were designed to help consolidate French rule, schools repeatedly became important flashpoints in broader struggles over the colonial order and the future of French West Africa.

I am currently working on a new comparative project that explores the development of higher education in several parts of the French-speaking world. Extending from World War Two into the 1980s, this project examines the ways in which struggles over decolonization, nationhood, postcolonial relationships, and francophonie played out in the crucial arena of higher education.

Courses Taught
  • Contemporary France
  • West Africa and France: Encounters since 1900
  • Mediterranean Crossings: North Africa and France in Historical Perspective
  • Journeys in the French-Speaking Caribbean
  • Youth and Education in France
  • Introduction to French and Francophone Texts
  • Conversations with the Francophone World

A returned Peace Corps volunteer, I also serve as the liaison to Wooster’s Global Impacts Pathway and Peace Corps Prep program.




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  • “Navigating the Fourth Republic: West African University Students between Metropolitan France and Dakar,” forthcoming in French Politics, Culture, & Society.