• B.S., The University of Akron, 2013
  • M.S., The University of Akron, 2015
  • Ph.D., Kent State University, 2020
Areas of Interest

My research interests are in graph theory and algorithms, with a focus in the broad category of hyperbolic graphs and several interesting graph classes including Helly graphs, distance-hereditary graphs, AT-free graphs, and chordal graphs. I am largely interested in facility location problems and network analysis. My additional research interests include software engineering and algorithmic applications, such as mining software repositories and network visualization.

I particularly enjoy finding clean and aesthetic solutions to difficult problems in a manner that is easy to present and explain. One of my passions (in teaching, in research, and for sport) is exploring new and creative ways to solve problems.

Courses Taught
  • Scientific Computing
  • Programming Languages
  • Combinatorics and Graph Theory
  • Problem Seminar
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Principles of Computer Organization
Independent Study Advising
  • Applications of Constraint Programming in Sports Scheduling (Troy Baughman: Mathematics, 2022)
  • A Simulation of the Economic Impact of Disaster Events (Richie Pajak: Computer Science, 2022)
  • A Comprehensive Empirical and Simulation Analysis on How Minimum Wage Increases Impact Unemployment (Brandon Charles: Computer Science and Economics, co-advised with Dr. Huiting Tian, 2022)
  • Environmental Socialization in College: A Survey Research and Network Analysis of Changes in Climate-Conscious Concerns and Behaviors (Bijeta Lamichhane: Computer Science and Communication Studies, co-advised with Dr. Denise Bostdorff, 2022)
  • Highlights Generation for Tennis Matches using Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Audio Analysis (Alon Liberman: Computer Science and Mathematics, 2022)
  • Abyssinia: The Design and Development of a Tower Defense Game (Raey Aweke: Computer Science, 2022)
  • The Running Man: A 3D AI-Controlled and Procedurally Generated Infinite Runner (Jack De La Cruz: Computer Science, 2021)
  • Imali: A Technical Analysis Mobile Application in React Native (Tanaka Chingonzo: Computer Science, 2021)
  • Defeating the COVID-19 Infodemic on Twitter: A SIP Agent-Based Model of Rumor Propagation and Truth Bot Intervention (Zhen Guo: Computer Science and Sociology, co-advised with Dr. Tom Tierney, 2021)
  • Feodor F. Dragan and Heather M. Guarnera. Helly-gap of a graph and vertex eccentricities, Theoretical Computer Science, 867:68-84, 2021. [doi] [arXiv]
  • Mohammed, F. Dragan, H. Guarnera. “Fellow Travelers Phenomenon Present in Real-World Networks,” the 10th International Conference on Complex Networks & Their Applications, 2021, pp 194-206. [doi]
  • Dragan, G. Ducoffe, H. Guarnera. “Fast deterministic algorithms for computing all eccentricities in (hyperbolic) Helly graphs,” the 17th Algorithms and Data Structures Symposium (WADS’21), 2021. [doi] [arXiv]
  • Feodor F. Dragan and Heather M. Guarnera. Eccentricity function in distance-hereditary graphs. Theoretical Computer Science, 833: 26-40, 2020. [arXiv] [doi]
  • Feodor F. Dragan and Heather M. Guarnera. Eccentricity terrain of 𝛿-hyperbolic graphs. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 112: 50-56, 2020. [arXiv] [doi]
  • Feodor F. Dragan and Heather M. Guarnera. Obstructions to a small hyperbolicity in Helly graphs. Discrete Mathematics, 342(2): 326-338, 2019. [arXiv] [doi]
  • Heather M. Michaud, Drew T. Guarnera, Michael L. Collard, and Jonathan I. Maletic, “Recovering Commit Branch of Origin”, in the Proceedings of 32nd IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), 2016. [doi]
Professional Affiliations
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)