I teach courses at The College of Wooster and manage a program of entrepreneurship activities through my office in APEX. Previously, I worked as a marketing consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, was the second hire in a high-growth start-up pharmaceutical company, founded and managed a business incubator, and taught in a business school. I am a certified economic developer and train new economic developers across the nation through the Economic Development Institute. I hold a Ph.D. from Temple University.

More personally, I enjoy spending time in my shop. I am an artisan blacksmith and woodworker, often making furniture and other items from iron and wood. I can often be found doing home construction projects for myself and my children. When I need to get away and clear my head I like going on long rides on my Triumph motorcycles.

I married my college sweetheart and we have four grown children. We have lived in a variety of locations ranging from a row-house in Philadelphia to a cattle ranch in Oklahoma. One thing I love about The College of Wooster is the opportunity to apply the wide range of experiences I have had to the liberal arts education we provide our students.


  • strategic
  • achiever
  • maximizer
  • deliberative
  • learner