• B.A. (Math and Computer Science) McDaniel College, 2010
  • M.A. (Mathematics) Bowling Green State University, 2012
  • Ph.D. (Mathematics) Bowling Green State University, 2016
Areas of Interest

Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory, Combinatorial Game Theory, Abstract Algebra, Topology, Cryptography, Game Theory, Graph Theory, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Inquiry-Based Learning Pedagogies.

Courses Taught
  • Math 111, Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
  • Math 112, Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
  • Math 120, Applied Integral Calculus
  • Math 215, Transition to Advanced Mathematics
  • Math 299, Special Topics: Intro to Complex Variables
  • Math 330, Topology
  • Math 332, Real Analysis
  • Math 334, Abstract Algebra
  • Math 335, Abstract Algebra II (Geometric Group Theory)
  • Math 400, Tutorials in Geometric Group Theory, Lie Theory, and Modern Algebra for Math Education
  • Math 451 & 452, Independent Study Theses
Independent Study Advising
  • The Planar Rook Algebra (Henry Potts-Rubin, Mathematics, 2020)
  • Watching Sunsets in Exoplanet Skies (Hwan Bae, Mathematics and Physics, 2019)
  • Exploring Topics of the Art Gallery Problem (Megan Voice, Mathematics, 2019)
  • A Behavioral Approach to CAPM (Ethan Myers, Math and Business Economics, 2018)
  • Analyzing and Solving the Nurse Scheduling Problem (Nichoals Hagopian-Zirkel, Math and Computer Science, 2018)
  • Connecting Five Stones: Artificial Intelligence Implementation for Go-moku in Unity (Jianqiu Bai, Math and Computer Science, 2018)
  • Logic –> Proof –> REST (Maxwell Taylor, Math and Computer Science, 2018)
  • Consumer Decision in the Digital Audio Market: Using Behavioral Game Theory (Max Mindlin, 2017)
  • Recession Analysis: Understanding Rather than Assuming (Jonathan Ledesma Chavez, 2017)
  • Building a Course Recommender System for The College of Wooster (Nan Jiang, Math and Computer Science, 2017)
  • Gates, Zachary and Kelvey, Robert. “Relator games on groups”. Combinatorial Game Theory: A Special Collection in Honor of Elwyn Berlekamp, John H. Conway and Richard K. Guy, edited by Richard J. Nowakowski, Bruce M. Landman, Florian Luca, Melvyn B. Nathanson, Jaroslav Nešetřil and Aaron Robertson, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2022, pp. 171-200.
  • Kelvey, Kelvey, Robert. Properties of groups acting on Twin-Trees and Chabauty space. 2016. Bowling Green State University, Doctoral dissertation. OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center.
  • Robert Kelvey, Sara Miner More, Pavel Naumov, and Benjamin Sapp. Independence and functional dependence relations on secrets. In Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, KR’10, page 528-533 AAAI Press, 2010.

Graduate Excellence in Teaching Award, Bowling Green State University, 2015.