• B.S., Mount Union College 1991
  • M.A.T., Kent State University 1993
  • M.S., Ohio State University 1998
  • Ph.D., Ohio State University 2007
Areas of Interest

Judge joined the Geology faculty in 2008. Her research interests include the tectonic evolution of the Sevier and Laramide orogenies of the western U.S. and superimposed pre-Basin and Range extension, with special emphasis on these geologic events in Utah. She has also participated in several ocean drilling programs (IODP, CRP3, and ANDRILL).

Courses Taught
  • GEOL 103: Oceanography
  • GEOL 200: Processes & Concepts of Geology
  • GEOL 220: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • GEOL 313: Structural Geology
  • GEOL 350: Special Topics – Desert Geology (co-taught with all geology faculty)
  • GEOL 401, 451, 452: Independent Study
  • IDPT 101: First-Year Seminar in Critical Inquiry – Rise of the Himalayas: Hazards on the Roof of the World (FA10)
  • IDPT 398: Teaching Apprenticeship
Independent Study Advising
  • Peter Hurst (2018): “An Analysis of Caddisfly Larval Cases from Bioherms in the Upper Green River Formation, White Hill Cuesta, Ephraim, Utah”
  • Eduardo Luna (2018): “Stratigraphy, depositional environment, and origin of silica at Gal Hill, Green River Formation, Sanpete County, Utah: a petrographic and geochemical study”
  • Matthew Shearer (2018): “The Richmondian Invasion of the Late Ordovician of Cincinnati with a Focus on Trepostome Bryozoans, Or The Ekphrastic Geologist and Other Essays”
  • Mara Sheban (2018): “The interpreted depositional environment of large oncoids from the Flagstaff Formation, San Pitch Mountains, central Utah”
  • Emmett Werthmann (2018): “Reconstructing the Cretaceous paleoenvironmental and paleoecological setting of Salina Canyon using paleosols, Servier County, Utah, U.S.A.”
  • Elizabeth Backman (2017): “Improving p-XRF Capabilities for In Situ Geochemical Analysis: A Case Study for Arkansas’s Magnet Cove and Stanley Shale”
  • Conner Gelwicks (2017): “Animating the Dynamics of Columbia Glacier, Prince William Sound, Alaska”
  • Kevin Komara (2017): “Lithologic and Well Log Analysis of a Four Well Case Study, in Morrow County, Ohio”
  • Sharron Osterman (2017): “An analysis of the erosion at Wooster Memorial Park near Wooster, Ohio”
  • Helen Siegel (2017): “Projection of groundwater pumping sustainability in Volta Wildlife Refuge, Merced County, CA”
  • Chloe Wallace (2017): “Paleo-Ice Thickness of a Glaciovolcanic Tindar Ridge, Reykjanes Peninsula, Southwest Iceland”
Professional Affiliations
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
  • Geological Society of America (GSA)
  • National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT)