• B.A., Goshen College 1993
  • M.S., North Carolina Chapel Hill 1996
  • Ph.D., North Carolina Chapel Hill 1999
Courses Taught
  • Calculus Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Modern Physics
  • Modern Optics
  • Electronics for Scientists
  • Junior Independent Study
  • First Year Seminar
  • Physics Revolutions
  • Condensed Matter
  • Quantum Mechanics
Independent Study Advising
  • Daniel (Dani) Halbing, The Effect of Varying Paneling Characteristics on Soccer Ball Flight, 2021
  • Katherine (Katie) Shideler, Energy Conservation: Harnessing Excess Thermal Energy and Converting to Electricity by Use of the Thermoelectric Effect, 2021
  • Henry Whyte, Avalanches on a Conical Bead Pile, 2021
  • Adam Deeley, Studying Avalanches on a Conical Bead Pile, 2020
  • David Morrow, An Investigation of Angle of Repose and Surface Activity of a Conical Bead Pile, 2019
  • Gabriel Dale-Gau, Employing a system of pressure sensors to characterize avalanche dynamics over a conical bead pile, 2018
  • Kyle McNickle, A Visual Investigation of Criticality: Avalanche Classification on a Conical Bead Pile, 2018
  • Zane Thornburg (Physics and Chemistry), An Investigation into the Lambert-Beer Law in Incoherent Broad-Band Cavity-Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (2018)
  • Laura Grace, Period Doubling in Bubbling from a Submerged Nozzle, 2016
  • Nathan Johnson, Charge Carrier Characteristics in Doped Semiconductor Heterostructures, 2016
  • Paroma Palchoudhuri (Physics and Math), An Experimental and Mathematical Study of Avalanche Behavior, 2016
  • Nathan Stone, Critical Systems: An Exploration of Cohesion and the Moments of Distribution, 2016
  • Joseph Smith (Physics and Math), Topological Defects in Nematic Liquid Crystals and the Behavior Induced by Adding Polystyrene Microspheres to 5CB, 2015
  • Evan Hagedorn (Physics and Chemistry), Understanding the Origin of Swelling Force in Organically Modified Silica, 2015
  • Elliot Wainwright (Physics and Math), Avalanches on a Critical Conical Bead Pile: Exploration of Tuning Parameter Space and Mathematical Foundations, 2015
  • Ian Wilson, The Effects of Magnetic Cohesion and Drop Height on a Conical Bead Pile, 2014
  • Dan Axe, Temperature’s Effects on Expansion Force of Osorb®, 2013
  • Lily Christman, The Effects of a Magnetic Field on a Conical Bead Pile
  • Lorenzo Dumancas, Optimization of BEEM Techniques
  • Amanda Logue, Understanding the Expansion of a Swellable Silicate, 2011
  • Heather Moore, Continuous Wave Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy, 2010
  • Martha Roseberry, Finicky Freezing: Investigations into the Causes of the Mpemba Effect, 2009


  • “Avalanches on a conical bead pile: scaling with tuning parameters”, S. Y. Lehman, Elizabeth Baker*, Howard A. Henry*, Andrew J. Kindschuh*, Larry C. Markley*, Megan B. Browning*, Mary E. Mills*, R. Michael Winters IV*, D. T. Jacobs, Granular Matter 14, 553-561 (2012).
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