• Ph.D., Yale 1988
  • B.S., Cornell 1982
Areas of Interest

Using genomic and bioinformatics approaches, Dr. Morgan and his research students investigate how plant pathogens infect host plants at the molecular level. As a member of the NIBLSE leadership team, Dr. Morgan is helping to establish a network of educators seeking to integrate bioinformatics into life science education.

Courses Taught
  • BIOL 11100: Foundations in Biology
  • BIOL 20100: Gateway to Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BIOL 20300: Research Skills for Life Scientists
  • BIOL 30600: Genes and Genomes
  • BIOL 39907: Computational Genomics
  • BCMB 30300: Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • BCMB 40100: Introduction to Independent Study
  • FYSM 10100: First Year Seminar