Myrna Hernandez

Myrna Hernández

Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students, Dean of Students

Office: Galpin 116
Phone: 330-263-2440

Prior to Wooster, what other types of work, or places, have you been involved with?

I went into college planning to go to law school but realized during my junior year that education is my passion. After graduating from Indiana University, I was a middle and high school Spanish teacher before returning to IU to study Higher Education and Student Affairs.  I’ve worked at colleges and universities of all types and sizes before settling on small colleges, which is where I’ve spent almost 15 years now.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Gary, Indiana and my family moved 15 miles to Portage, Indiana when I was in first grade. My parents still live in the house that they bought all those years ago! Northwest Indiana is a wonderful mix of suburban, rural,  and lakefront areas with easy transportation to Chicago, so I felt like I had access to the best of all worlds when I lived there.

What inspires you about working with Wooster students? What is your favorite part of your job?

I love talking with students about their interests and passions, especially during the times when they are grappling with a change in direction or learning something new. I like hearing about their families and where they grew up as it relates to what they want to do and where they want to go after they graduate.

My grandparents had grade school educations and my parents didn’t go to college. Despite that, my parents always emphasized the importance of going to college and it was an expectation in my family. My favorite part of my job is commencement. Watching students walk across the stage each Spring is a constant affirmation of the values my parents instilled and my way to give back to all those that invested in me while I was in college.

What hobbies or interest would your colleagues find surprising about you?

I’m an unlikely fitness instructor, although I don’t teach anymore. I am certified in Zumba and I co-opened a fitness studio with my first Zumba instructor in 2011. I’m still able to workout from Ohio with the studio instructors via livestream. Most recently, I’ve started exploring paper crafts that I’ve been learning from my mom (and YouTube)!

Share your favorite book, movie and musician.

I really struggle with choosing favorites in these genres. I grew up an avid reader and have really enjoyed book series’ from an early age. I started with Nancy Drew and the Boxcar Children moved to Agatha Christie and John Grisham as an adult. Lately I’ve been reading lots of non-fiction and listening to podcasts, mostly true crime and politics. I enjoy all types of music (not so much country), but nearly everything else and the best concert I ever attended was hands down, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation tour!

Tell us about any important people or creatures in your life.

I live in Wooster with my beagle, Sophie. She’s a rescue, so I don’t know how old she is, but we guess middle aged. My family lives in Northwest Indiana and my younger sister has blessed me with a beautiful niece and nephew. Christopher is an avid runner and Anna loves all things creative, lately she’s been making slime and bead projects!