R. Drew Pasteur

Drew Pasteur

Associate Professor - Mathematics [Department Chair: Mathematics & Computational Sciences]

Office: Taylor 311
Phone: 330-263-2486
Email: rpasteur@wooster.edu


  • B.S., University of Florida 1996
  • M.Ed., University of Florida 1997
  • M.S., North Carolina State 2004
  • Ph.D., North Carolina State 2008

Courses Taught

  • First Year Seminar
  • Calculus
  • Calculus with Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Introduction to Mathematical Biology
  • Math in Contemporary Society
  • Problem Seminar

Publications *indicates student co-author

  • R.D. Pasteur, E. Howerton*, P. Pozderac*, S. Young*, J. Moore, "A Flight-Based Metric for Evaluation of NFL Punters," Journal of Sports Analytics, Pre-press, pp. 1-13, 2018.
  • R.D. Pasteur and J. David,"Evaluation of Quarterbacks and Kickers," in Handbook of Statistical Methods for Design and Analyses in Sports, CRC Press, 2016.
  • R.D. Pasteur and K. Cunningham-Rhoads*, "An expectation-based metric for NFL field goal kickers," Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 10(1), 2014.
  • A. Blaikie*, A.D. Saines*, M. Schmitthenner*, M. Lankford*, R.D. Pasteur, and J.F. Lindner, "Order and chaos in the rotation and revolution of two massive line segments," Physical Review E, 89, 042917, 2014.
  • G.H. Nguyen*, J. Kedia*, R.F. Snyder*, R.D. Pasteur, and R.D. Wooster, "Sales Forecasting using Regression and Artificial Neural Networks," Proceedings of MCURCSM 2013.
  • S. Visa, S. Strand, R.D. Pasteur, and W. Morgan, Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research at a Liberal Arts College on Computational Biology Proceedings of the 16th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics, Special Track on Interdisciplinary Research, Education, and Communication, pp. 196-201, Orlando, 2012
  • J. David, R.D. Pasteur, M.C. Janning*, and M.S. Ahmad*, NFL Prediction Using Committees of Artificial Neural Networks Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 7(2), 2011.
  • A.D. Blaikie*, G.J. Abud*, J.A. David, and R.D. Pasteur, “NFL and NCAA Football Prediction using Artificial Neural Networks,” Proceedings of the Midstates Conference for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science and Mathematics, Denison University, Granville, OH, 2011.
  • R.D. Pasteur and M.C. Janning*, Monte Carlo Simulation for High School Playoff Seed Projection Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 7(2), 2011.
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  • R.D. Pasteur, “Extending the Colley Method to Generate Predictive Football Rankings,” Chap. 10 (pp. 117-129) in J. A. Gallian (ed.), Mathematics and Sports, Mathematical Association of America, 2010.

Recent Senior Theses Advised

  • She Shoots, She Scores: Creating a Mathematical Model to Predict Expected Shot Values in Women's NCAA Division III Basketball (Paige McKean, 2018)
  • Sports Analytics with Computer Vision (Colby Jeffires, Math and Computer Science, 2018)
  • The Shot Heard Around the World: Determining the Influence of the Spread of the Anti-Vaccination Ideology on Measles Outbreaks Using Epidemiological Models (Jennifer Shepherd, Public Health/Epidemiology, 2018)
  • Dispatches from the Fly Killer: A mathematical model that studies the correlation between sleep fragmentation and longevity in Drosophila melanogaster (Vedica Jha, Math and Biology, 2018)
  • Crime Around the World: Using Mathematical Modeling Techniques to Model Aggregated Worldwide Crime Rates (Kelly Steurer, 2018)
  • Are We There Yet? A Traveling Salesman Approach to Road-trip Optimization (Lauren Burke, 2018)
  • Predicting NCAA Division I Softball At-Large Bids (Madelynn Chase, 2018)
  • Smallball: A statistical Analysis of the 2016 SEC Baseball Season (Jacob Kail, 2017)
  • Reinforcement Learning in Card Games: No Thanks! (Robin Morillo, 2017)
  • A Mathematical Modeling Examination of the Changing Social, Economic and Environmental Indicators for Infant Mortality Across the United States (Sophia Anderson, 2017)
  • The Use of Data and Statistical Analysis to Predict an Outcome (Colin Woodward, 2015)
  • Why Apply? Building a Predictive Model to Quantify the Factors that Lead a Domestic Student to Apply to The College of Wooster (Joshua Foerst, 2015)
  • XH-π bonding in systems of indole and benzene using IBBCEAS and a bioinformatics analysis of protein secondary structure using graph theory (Meredith Schervish, Math and Chemistry, 2015)
  • Conquering Carcassonne (Andrew Hoover, Math and Computer Science, 2015)
  • Analysis of Factors that Influence the Probability of a Goal in the National Hockey League (Josephine Rey, 2014)
  • Go with the Flow  Developing Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations According to the Navier-Stokes Equations (Danielle Shepherd, Math and Physics, 2014)
  • Modeling for our Lives: A Theoretical Study of HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Through Mathematical Modeling (Jacob Malone, 2014)
  • Creation of a Mathematical Model and Investigation of the Kinetics of the Reaction Between the Oxalic Acid Species and the Hydroxyl Radical (Sarah Laper, Math and Chemistry, 2014)
  • The Entanglement and Relaxation of Liquid Crystal Shaped Granular Media (Theresa Albon, Math and Physics, 2013)
  • A Theoretical and Experimental Pattern Analysis of Electrohydrodynamic Convection in a Liquid Crystal System (Matt Schmitthenner, Math and Physics, 2013)
  • An Agent-based Model of Influenza Within a College Population (Matt Lambert, Math and Computer Science, 2013)
  • ξ. (Philip Wales, Math and Physics, 2013)
  • // (Andrew Blaikie, Math and Physics, 2013)
  • Optimizing Integer Arithmetic for Public Key Cryptography (Spencer Hall, Math and Computer Science, 2013)
  • Entrapment and determination of lipase embedded in swellable organosilica, modeling particle aggregation and aging of colloidal sol-gels (Kemar Reid, Math and BCMB, 2012)
  • Prediction of professional basketball games using artificial neural networks and linear models (Keisha Butler, 2012)
  • Experimental and theoretical investigation of the dimerization of oxalic acid, a potential reaction within secondary organic aerosols (Melissa Venecek, Math and Chemistry, 2012)
  • Using mathematical models to evaluate NFL field goal kicking (Kyle Cunningham-Rhoads, 2012)
  • Modeling human papillomavirus with vaccination (Meredith Kiefer, 2012)
  • Model looking at the expected number of shots to hole out on a golf course (Blake Sword, 2012)
  • Exploring the Effects of Initial Conditions on the Kinetics of the Decomposition of Dichloroacetic Acid through a Hydrogen Peroxide and Ultraviolet Radiation Oxidation Process (Pamela Wales, Math and Chemistry, 2011)
  • An Introduction to Game Theory and its Application to Biology (Hannah Kurtz, 2011)
  • An Evolutionary Study of Multimeric Phosphagen Kinases Using Ancestral Protein Reconstruction and the Prediction of Phosphagen Kinase Substrate Specificity Using Artificial Neural Networks (Jason Van Houten, Math and BCMB, 2011)
  • What Factors Really Affect Jurors' Decisions: A Mathematical Modeling Approach to a Common Psychological Question (Dustin Eisele, Math and Psychology, 2011)