Hope Carmody '23

An urban study on resilience inspires desire to implement change in disaster preparedness processes

As climate change intensifies the severity and frequency of extreme weather events, it’s also impacting mental health. Concerns about worrisome climate change and the […]

Ryan Johnston '23

Turnip Turn-in: Park Ranger intern sets precedents for research classification and completion

Ryan Johnston ’23 says he’d be a very different person if he hadn’t attended The College of Wooster. The Ohio native came to play […]

Katie Spence '23 and dancers

From pollination to performance: Biology and dance student brings the honeybee waggle to Wooster

As a member of The College of Wooster Dance Company and the cheerleading team, Katie Spence ’23 is no stranger to the stage. She […]

Ferdawss Ihiri '23

Chemistry major resets after solar-powered-cell research setback

Ferdawss Ihiri ’23 grew up in Morocco, where students who wish to study abroad typically attend school in Paris. Traveling to the United States […]

Naomi Fernandes ’23

Biology research compares local sediment for pollution levels

While Naomi Fernandes ’23 vetted her own topic for her unique Independent Study at The College of Wooster, with faculty mentor Rebecca Williams, assistant […]

Isabelle Hoover '23

Classics collide in Medici art research with violent themes

Isabelle Hoover ’23 was eager to pursue a senior Independent Study project at The College of Wooster that would marry her majors in art […]

Alix Printup '23

I.S. research explores psychology’s approach to historical trauma within Indigenous community

Alix Printup ’23 cares deeply about his Indigenous community—the Seneca Nation, the largest of six Native American nations which comprised the democratic government of […]

Audrey Klosterman '23

Theatre student examines and executes stage adaptation

Theatre major Audrey Klosterman ’23 went to London in July 2022 as part of a TREK program. After one of the 15 shows she […]

Zoe Seymour '23

‘Overlooked Adoptees’ I.S. research earns Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award at the Senior Research Symposium

Zoe Seymore ’23 grew up in Texas after being adopted from China when she was 11 months old. The adoption community has always been […]

Jen Mynard '23

I.S. builds case for accessible sustainable housing

Jen Mynard ’23 believes making sustainability more accessible to everyone will be “the issue of the coming century as climate change threatens all.” The […]

Lucy Agurkis '23

Dual research in psychology and studio art helps validate art therapy career goals

For several summers, Lucy Agurkis ’23 worked at Camp Squanto in New Hampshire—it’s where her parents met, and it’s a special place that the […]

Alice Markey '23

Environmental studies major finds vibrant communities in Denmark cohousing research

In the age of technology, connecting to those closest to you seems like it would be easy, but some people don’t even know the […]

Zoe Semersky '23

Medical relevance and foundational biochemical research skills combine in I.S. project

Field hockey brought Zoë Semersky ’23 to The College of Wooster as a freshman recruit. On the field as a collegiate field hockey goalkeeper, […]

Lake Barrett '23

Biology I.S. research contributes to scientific understanding of melanism in Abert’s squirrels

A little black squirrel with tufted ears caught the attention of Lake Barrett ’23, not because of the tufted ears, but because the squirrel […]

Glenna Van Dyke '23

Digital history I.S. adds Indigenous voices to local history records

History has been a part of life for Glenna Van Dyke ’23 since being born into an Irish-American family in Pittsburgh. She took up […]

I.S. button

Are Your Water Systems Safe? A Study on CYP1A Expression in Brown Bullhead and Channel Catfish in Response to Sediment Exposure From Killbuck Creek Wooster, Ohio

Name: Madison Elizabeth Carter Major: Biology Advisor: Rebecca Williams CYP1A gene expression responds to pollutants in the environment, specifically PAHs. CYP1A is a significant biomarker […]

Matthew Engfer head shot

Assessing and Projecting Stream Patterns in Hydrogeomorphology in Low-Elevation Watersheds, Pitt County, North Carolina, USA

Name: Matthew Engfer Majors: Environmental Geoscience, Environment & Society Advisors: Vibhor Agarwal, Carlo Moreno Patterns of hydrology within streams provide vital information about the […]

Malik Moore head shot

Unlocking The Power of Neurotrophins: While analyzing the effects of DNT1 on the overproduction of TAU within Drosophila Melanogaster

Name: Malik Moore Major: Neuroscience-Biology Advisor: Seth Kelly Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, have become increasingly prevalent in aging societies, causing significant global […]

Langston Hood

Agency: The Art of Human Choice

Name: Langston Hood Majors: English, Philosophy Advisors: Allison Cardon, Elizabeth Schiltz This Independent Study thesis consists of six chapters. The first chapter, titled “Determinism”, […]

Sobika Thapa head shot

The Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction and its Technological Advancement with a Focus on Applications with Electric Paint

Name: Sobika Thapa Major: Computer Science Minor: Statistical & Data Sciences Advisors: Heather Guarnera, Daniel Palmer “Playing sounds by touching on the canvas”. This […]