Megan Tuennerman '22

Wrong-way Icelandic puffins lead student researcher to follow the right path

“I met a grandfather who climbed over a 6-foot-tall fence to rescue a puffin. It’s not that they devote their lives to these birds, […]

Khaylen Mahdi ’22

Disciplined, creative thinker spotlights opportunity—not obstacles—in Black entrepreneurship

“Business literature seems to highlight all the obstacles that Black entrepreneurs experienced through history rather than the accomplishments and positive influences they’ve had both […]

Bang Nguyen ’22

Siri-ously biased: Computer science major examines language models showing negativity toward LGBTQ+ terms

“My research looks at the deeper layout of how technology replicates social biases against the LGBTQ+ community. Sometimes we are hurting members of queer […]

Karabella Hernandez ’22

Future clinical counselor gathers trauma research data from internship counseling clients

“I knew from the get-go I wanted to sample OneEighty clients because they could be a rich source of information. Most I.S. research is […]

Head shot of Natalie Bean

Sioux Resistance: How the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People Maintain Their Fight Against the United States for Sovereignty and Land

Name: Natalie Bean Major: History Minor: French and Francophone Studies Advisor: Dr. Jordan Biro Walters This independent study seeks to determine how members of the Sioux Nation resisted […]

A Knock-out Experiment on a Neuronal Boolean Model

Name: Aelon Ketema Samuel Advisor: Dr. Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, Dr. Rebecca Williams (second reader) Major: Neurobiology Minor: Studio Art Neuronal cell cycle is a […]


The Infection Frequency and Severity of Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis in Northern Two-Lined Salamanders in Wooster Ohio

Name: Vince Gilleylen Major: Biology Advisors: Dr. Rick Lehtinen, Dr, Stephanie Strand The study of invasive species and their effects is often vital in the process of […]

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Positive, Negative, and Apocalyptic Climate Messages: The Effect on Attitudes and Possible Future Behaviors Toward Sharks

Name: Truong Nguyen Majors: Communication Studies and Environmental Studies Advisors: Denise Bostdorff and Matt Mariola The purpose of this study is to find out the best […]

Head shot of Emma Saxton

Are You Sure You Don’t Know Me? A Facial Recognition Study and Examination of the Other-Race Effect with External Feature Alterations

Name: Emma Saxton Major: Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Advisor: Dr. Grit Herzmann The Other-Race Effect is the phenomena wherein people recognize individuals of their own- race, or […]

Head shot of Pragya Mittal

Cheer Me Up: A Game Theoretic Optimisation Analysis of the Relationships Between Morale, Corruption and Individual Tax Evasion Decisions

Name: Pragya Mittal Majors: Mathematics and Economics Advisor: Dr. Moses Luri This paper asks the question, “what is the impact of morale on evasion, when corruption and […]

head shot of Brian Luck

For Every Adaptation Belonging to Me as Good Belongs to You: Analyzing Intertextuality in Lauren Gunderson’s Literature-Based Plays

Name: Brian Luck Majors: English and Theatre & Dance Minor: Education Advisors: Dr. Shirley Huston-Findley and Dr. Susanna Sacks This Independent Study explores the ways in which playwright […]

Melita Wiles head shot

Using Machine Learning and Regression Techniques to Rank Liberal Arts Colleges on Social Mobility and the Advancement of Underrepresented Groups

Name: Melita Wiles Majors: Physics and Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Christina Horr, Dr. Drew Pasteur (second reader) The purpose of higher education is to contribute to the […]

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Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.): An Investigation of Recreational Sports Teams’ Coaches’ Knowledge of Best Practices for Working with Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Name: Abigail Johnson Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders and Education Advisor: Donald M. Goldberg, Ph.D. This study investigated community recreation sports teams’ coaches’ knowledge regarding working with […]

Head shot of Kayla Bertholf

To Clean or Not to Clean: Exploring the Ability of Biocidal Compounds to Induce Physiological Changes in Bacteria that may Increase the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance Genes

Name: Kayla R. Bertholf Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minor: Religious Studies Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Strand The prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in non-clinical settings is increasing, and […]

Gunjan Joshi

Exploring Augmented Reality Using Snapchat’s Lens Studio

Name: Gunjan Joshi Major: Computer Science Minor: Economics Advisors: Dr. Drew Guarnera and Dr. Thomas Montelione Augmented reality is a technology that uses visual elements, sounds, hardware like […]

Hannah Nguyen

“Not Liberating Women Means the Building of a Socialist Society is Only Half-Way Done:” A Feminist Analysis of Ho Chi Minh’s Advocacy for the First Law on Marriage and Family in 1959 Vietnam

Name: Hannah Nguyen Majors: Communication Studies Advisor: Dr. Denise Bostdorff Second Reader: Dr. Oscar Mejia To view Hannah’s Independent Study, please click the button […]

head shot of Hitomi Okamura

Examining the Relationship Between Phonological Processing and Second Language Acquisition for Spanish-English Bilinguals

Name: Hitomi Okamura Major: Neuroscience – Cognitive Behavior track Advisor: Dr. Grit Herzmann; Dr. John Neuhoff (second reader) Second language acquisition is inevitable in a globalized […]

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Predicting Formula 1 Races using Ordered Logistic Regression and Elo Ratings

Name: Luke Pritchard Major: Statistical & Data Sciences Minor: Global Media and Digital Studies Advisor: Dr. Moses Luri, Dr. Jillian Morrison (second reader) This paper investigates the Formula […]

head shot for Mia Chen

An Investigation of the Clinical Considerations of Speech-Language Pathologists When Working With Spanish-English Bilingual Adults With Aphasia

Name: Mia Chen Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Minors: Psychology and Spanish Advisors: Dr. Joan E. Furey; Dr. Grit Herzmann (second reader) The broad purpose of this […]

head shot of Shelby Jones

PaleoliTHICC: Understanding the Woman of Willendorf using contemporary fat studies

Name: Shelby Jones Major: Anthropology Minor: History Advisor: Dr. Siavash Samei; Dr. Beth Derderian (second reader) My research focused on the Woman (“Venus”) of Willendorf figurine, one of […]