A calling together of the campus community

The College of Wooster officially launched its 154th academic year with an annual Convocation on Aug. 17, 2023, celebrating the start of the new year and the final leg of the Wooster journey for members of the Class of 2024. President Anne E. McCall, beginning her term this year as Wooster’s 13th president, invited the community to come together for a year of new beginnings. Read more about the Convocation ceremony here and view an archived livestream below. A copy of President McCall’s Convocation address is available to read online here.

The Convocation encompasses many of our convocation traditions, including seniors marching in their graduation robes as well as faculty processing, and also new traditions that seek to welcome everyone.

Watch the Livestream


The program included brief comments from staff, faculty, and students as well as our Chaplain Rev. Erin Guzmán, President Anne McCall, and Dean for Faculty Development, Christa Craven, who will welcomed our new colleagues and lead us in celebration of those who have recently been promoted to new roles.

Student, faculty, and staff speakers included:

  • Jaylin Hudson ’24, president of Scot Council
  • Carrie Buckwalter ’24, president of Model United Nations
  • Matt Mariola, professor and chair of environmental studies
  • Krista Martin, assistant director of academic advising, and chair of Staff Committee

2023 Convocation Speakers

Carrie Buckwalter
Jaylin Hudson
Matt Mariola
Krista Martin