So that the campus community can re-gather safely, we will work with a professional partner with excellent qualifications to provide COVID-19 testing to all students, staff and faculty. We will test all students as they arrive on campus, and regularly thereafter throughout at least the fall semester, as guided by the best public health expertise.

Is it required for students, faculty, and staff to be tested before returning to campus for the fall 2020 semester?

We are working on finalizing plans to provide rapid testing. Testing will be required for all students prior to move-in. Tests will be administered upon arrival to campus. This will likely be a deep nasal swab test. There also will be testing for faculty and staff.

How will testing and quarantining work during move-in?

Students will arrive at a designated location on campus, check in, take the test, wait for results to return, pending a negative result they will be cleared to move into their housing assignment.

Are you encouraging students to get tested prior to arrival on campus?

The challenge is that some folks come to us via public transportation. Any external test wouldn’t replace the mandate to test when students arrive on campus. Of course, you may always choose to do testing beforehand if you like.

How will regular testing work?

Regular testing is part of our strategy to assess whether there are asymptomatic cases on campus.

We will be adaptive and follow guidance  from public health experts. Our intention is for campus to be a very safe space with very low or no signs of the virus. When people return for the spring semester, we will probably do broad-based testing again.

Will you be testing family members during move-in?

No, family members will be required to come in with masks and keep six feet distance. Testing will be for the campus community (faculty, staff, and students). Ordinarily we would be gathering families as part of move-in, but we will not do that this year.

If your family is at-risk can you get a test prior to going home?

There is ample testing in Ohio. If family members have particular concerns for the health of family in that moment, we should be able to assist.

How will daily wellness checks be done for faculty, staff and students?

Employees and students will do symptom monitoring for themselves. They will have an app and a thermometer and check boxes on an app. It doesn’t require anyone doing a wellness check on you unless you show symptoms. This is part of our strategy to make sure community health is in a good spot and to have early awareness in case illness arises.