Senior Research Symposium 2023 Interdisciplinary Poster Presentation Directory

See below for a complete directory of in-person poster presentations. The interdisciplinary poster session will occur from 1-4 p.m. in Gault Recreation Center inside Scot Center. Posters will be organized in alpha order by last name. Search or sort location, student name, project title, advisors and second readers, and majors.

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First NameLast NameProject TitleAdvisors and Second ReadersMajor(s)Minor(s)LocationPresentation Time
EricAdadevohExploring the Binding Multiplicity, Mode of Inhibition, and Communication between NADH Binding Sites on 6-Hydroxynicotinate 3-monooxygenase (NicC)Mark J. Snider, Erzsébet Regan, Sara E. MartinBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyFrench and Francophone StudiesWest End Track1-4 p.m.
LucyAgurkisColoring Away the Blues: Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Art Activities on Well-BeingMeredith O. Hope, Daren KendallPsychology, Studio ArtWest End Track1-4 p.m.
CraigAkiriBuilding An 8-bit Computer: From Design To ImplementationHeather Guarnera, Kowshik BhowmikComputer ScienceWest End Track1-4 p.m.
EdwinaAkonorPorphyrin-based Photosensitizing Agents: Comparative Study on The Effects of TPP-sesamol and TPP-zingerone on Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast CellsPaul Bonvallet, James WestBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyWest End Track1-4 p.m.
LilyAndersonMeasurement & Analysis of Pesticide Biotransformation Products in Ohio Precipitation SamplesJennifer Faust, Paul Edmiston Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyMathematicsWest End Track1-4 p.m.
MarinaAndersonThe reality of child slave labor today: an analysis of Tony’s Chocolonely news messages through the lens of identificational appealsDenise Bostdorff, Joshua SmithCommunications StudiesRussian StudiesWest End Track1-4 p.m.
NathanielAndrewsInvestigating the Suggested Inhibition of Pho4 by P. sojae RxLR Effector PsAvh110 Utilizing SDL AssaysWilliam MorganBiologyNorth Track1-4 p.m.
JadeBaekAxon Pathfinding in Drosophila melanogaster Wing Sensory NeuronsSeth Kelly, Alfredo ZúñigaNeuroscienceNorth Track1-4 p.m.
HannahBakerLa Violencia en Las Sombras: Epistemic Violence in the United States Immigration System & Its ImplicationsMichele Leiby, Cynthia PalmerPolitical Science, SpanishNorth Track1-4 p.m.
AbigailBeardCreating a Caring Community: An Examination of Mutual Aid NetworksSetsuko Matsuzawa, Heather Fitz GibbonSociologyNorth Track1-4 p.m.
NatalieBelleDo You Get Déjà Vu? Examining the Effects of Context and Time on Contextual Generalization in a Mouse Model of PTSDAlfredo Zuniga, Nicholas BrandleyNeuroscience (Biology Track)North Track1-4 p.m.
SamBelskyInterrogation of a conserved overlap between cofactor and substrate binding domains to facilitate crosstalk-induced conformational changes in Class A Flavin Monooxygenases: A case study of 6-Hydroxynicotinate-3-MonooxygenaseMark Snider, Annastassia Gallo, Sara MartinBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMathematics, SpanishNorth Track1-4 p.m.
MaceyBennettExploring the Activity Threshold of the Myxococcus xanthus Arginine Kinase and its Effects on Socially-Motivated PhenotypesDean Fraga, William MorganBiologyPsychologyNorth Track1-4 p.m.
ClaireBerlinInto the Mythopoeia of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: Exploring Memories of War through Fantasy LiteratureGreg ShayaHistoryEnglish, GermanNorth Track1-4 p.m.
MaryBlairA Tale of Two Morphs: Understanding the Influence of Temperature on Eastern Red-Backed Salamander Color MorphsRick Lehtinen, Hilary EdgingtonBiologyPsychologyNorth Track1-4 p.m.
HaleyBloomHey Baby You Up? A Solution To Early Online Sexual Predator DetectionThomas Montelione, Heather GuarneraComputer ScienceData ScienceNorth Track1-4 p.m.
DanielBohlAnalysis of P. aeruginosa Antibiotic Resistance Development at Variable Ciprofloxacin Concentrations In Vitro & In Vivo Using C. elegans HostStephanie Strand, Rebecca WilliamsBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyNorth Track1-4 p.m.
DanielBorowskyThe Conservation Status of The Golden Tree Frog, Phytotriades auratusHilary Edgington, Rick LehtinenBiologyHistoryNorth Track1-4 p.m.
KiraBoyceA CoxG Subunit Homologue is Necessary for the function of Bacillus Niacini Nicotinate DehydrogenaseMark Snider, Erzsebet Regan, Anna GalloBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, AnthropologyNorth Track1-4 p.m.
CaileighBriggsNot such a "fun-guy": Infection patterns of the fungal pathogen, Batrachochytrium denrobatidis (Bd), on northern two-lined salamander populations at Wooster Memorial ParkRick Lehtinen, Laura SirotBiologyChemistryNorth Track1-4 p.m.
HarveyBriscoe“I See Me in You”: A Focus Group Study on How Polarizing Social Media Influencers Gather and Retain SupportDenise BostdorffCommunication StudiesNorth Track1-4 p.m.
WhitfordBrownImproving the Accuracy of GALFIT in Measuring the Morphological Properties of Multi-Component Disk GalaxiesLaura DeGroot, Megan NieberdingPhysicsComputer ScienceNorth Track1-4 p.m.
MaudBulmanChinese by Birth, American by Circumstance: How East-Asian transcultural adoptees create multi-cultural identities in the U.S. & the role of the Covid-19 anti-Asian hate crisis in altering identity conceptionSetsuko Matsuzawa, Pam FreseAnthropologyPolitical Science, Music (Pathway: Activism & Social Change)East End Track1-4 p.m.
SamanthaBurkeIt’s Not Therapy: An Investigation of Speech-Language Pathologists’ Perceptions of Effective Accent Modification Services For Adult Speakers And College Students' Perceptions of Accents Contingent Upon Their Exposure With Diverse SpeakersJoan FureyCommunication Sciences and DisordersEast End Track1-4 p.m.
ClaireCampbellIt's the Little Things in (a Grasshopper's) Life: How the Carolina Grasshopper Visually Signals to Conspecifics While Minimizing Predation RiskNicholas Brandley, Jennifer IsonNeurobiologyEast End Track1-4 p.m.
DaneCamphausenAutomation Testing: Savior of the QA TeamThomas MontelioneComputer ScienceEast End Track1-4 p.m.
HopeCarmodyPost-Disaster Urban Reconstruction's Effect on Mental Health: A Case Study of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans ResidentsHamed Goharipour, Heather Fitz GibbonUrban Studies, PsychologyEast End Track1-4 p.m.
MadisonCarterAre Your Water Systems Safe? A Study on CYP1A Expression in Brown Bullhead and Channel Catfish in Response to Sediment Exposure From Killbuck Creek Wooster, OhioRebecca WilliamsBiologyEast End Track1-4 p.m.
PookarChandDawn of Darkness by Pookar ChandLisa Perfetti, Claire EagerEnglishEconomicsEast End Track1-4 p.m.
CloudChangThe Effects of Parenting Styles and Parental Conflict on Child DevelopmentSusan Clayton, Amber GarciaPsychologyEast End Track1-4 p.m.
HarrisonClaymanProbability Analysis of Time Intervals Surrounding Large Avalanches on a Conical Bead PileSusan Lehman, Laura DegrootPhysicsData ScienceEast End Track1-4 p.m.
ChloeClearA Review of the Sexual Assault Kit Backlog and the Methods of Biological Analysis in Crime LaboratoriesLaura SirotBiologyEast End Track1-4 p.m.
DanielCohen-CobosSimulating Reaction-Diffusion waves to model Gravitational LensingHeather Guarnera, Niklas ManzComputer Science, PhysicsEast End Track1-4 p.m.
MeganConklinFace the Music: The History of Women’s Music within Cultural and Intersectional FeminismJordan Biro WaltersHistoryEducationEast End Track1-4 p.m.
DonaldConleyIt’s Raining PFAS! Targeted and Non-Targeted Identification and Quantitation and Semi-Quantitation of Legacy and Emerging Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Rainwater and Groundwater of Wooster, OHPaul L. Edmiston, Jennifer A. FaustChemistryEast End Track1-4 p.m.
MichaelCurranIsometric Immersion: Hilbert's Theorem and the Case of the Hyperbolic PlaneSubhadip Chowdhury, Michael BushMathematicsPhilosophyEast End Track1-4 p.m.
Duc MinhDaoObject Detection and Application in Autonomous VehicleRob Kelvey, Max TaylorMathematics & Computer ScienceSouth Track1-4 p.m.
LuisDelgadoTime’s Change in Depiction Over Time: A Rhetorical Analysis on Time Magazine Immigration Cover StoriesDenise BostdorffCommunication StudiesSouth Track1-4 p.m.
CamilleDiekhansMake Love Not Porn: The Effects of Pornography Consumption on Interpersonal Relationship SatisfactionSusan ClaytonPsychologyBiologySouth Track1-4 p.m.
AmberDinchmanMetabolomics of iPSC-derived Cardiomyocyte Secretions for Biomarker Discovery in Leigh SyndromePaul L. Edmiston, Ellyn EvansBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyClassicsSouth Track1-4 p.m.
JamieDoExploring Novel Redox Partners and Properties of the Thioredoxin Reductase Trr1 from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeJames West, Stephanie Strand Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMathematicsSouth Track1-4 p.m.
DavidDotsonPrognostic Factors for Meningioma Growth: A Meta-AnalysisNicholas Brandley, Seth KellyNeurobiologyMusicSouth Track1-4 p.m.
MahmoudEl-AchwahOn the Interaction Between Tau and Nab2 proteins: Implication on ADSeth KellyNeuroscienceSouth Track1-4 p.m.
MatthewEngferAssessing and Projecting Stream Patterns in Hydrogeomorphology in Low-Elevation Watersheds, Pitt County, North Carolina, USAVibhor Agarwal, Carlo MorenoEnvironmental Geoscience, Environment & SocietySouth Track1-4 p.m.
IsabelEspinosaEnvironmental Activism For Sale: A Visual Analysis of the Relationship Between Product Advertising and the Environmental Movement in 2022Simon Rousset, Denise Bostdorff Communication Studies, Global Media & Digital StudiesSouth Track1-4 p.m.
TheodoraFarsonHeart Rate Recovery of DIII Collegiate Soccer Players: Potential Effects of Biological Sex and Time PeriodNicholas Brandley, Alfredo ZunigaNeurobiologySouth Track1-4 p.m.
NaomiFernandesPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Pollution Analysis and Ameiurus Nebulosus Gene Expression Can Predict Environmental HealthRebecca Williams, Paul Edmistonbiochemistry and molecular biologymathematics, French and francophone studiesSouth Track1-4 p.m.
LucieFialaThe Gunlock Member: Describing a New Member of the Carmel Formation (Middle Jurassic) of Southwestern UtahMark WilsonEnvironmental GeoscienceSpanishSouth Track1-4 p.m.
ChaseFickesDetecting Cryptojacking MalwareDrew Pasteur, Max TaylorMathematics, Computer ScienceSouth Track1-4 p.m.
NaodFissehaAn analysis of Recurrent Neural Networks and Long Short-Term Memory NetworksKowshik BhowmikComputer ScienceEconomicsSouth Track1-4 p.m.
SydneyFitzcharlesInstating Natural Reward-Induced Conditioned Place Preference in C57BL/6J Mice​Alfredo Zúńiga, Grit HerzmannNeuroscience (Cognitive/Behavioral Track)South Track1-4 p.m.
OliviaFrison De AngelisIncorporating Indigenous Families: An Exploration of Forensic Archaeological Ethics in Post-Conflict Andean PeruSiavash Samei, Olivia Navarro-FarrArchaeologySpanishSouth Track1-4 p.m.
AnailahFunchessIn the Spotlight or in the Wings? Looking at African American Culture and History in MuseumsBeth Derderian, Courtney ThompsonAnthropologyAfricana StudiesInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
EmilyGailThe Madness of Women's Sports: A Critical Analysis of the Discourse Surrounding the 2021 NCAA Women’s March Madness Basketball TournamentZhenyu Tian, Denise BostdorffCommunicationsInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
GabrieleGajdos“Damn Daniel” to Genesis: An Analysis of Songs about Select Environmental EventsSetsuko Matsuzawa, Matt Mariola Environmental StudiesMusicInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
SumiyabazarGanbaatarForecasting PM2.5 concentration in different cities in Mongolia using Neural Network Autoregression (NNAR) model and Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA) modelChristina Horr, Marian FrazierStatistical & Data SciencesEconomicsInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
JGGillardIt's Because You're Always on That Damn Phone: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Nomophobia and Parent-Child Intimacy and ConflicMichelle JohnsonCommunicationInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
MaximilianGlassBeyond the Body: The Effects of Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation on Anxiety through the Elevated Plus MazeAmy Jo Stavnezer, Bryan KarazsiaCognitive Behavioral NeuroscienceInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
OliviaGreenA Two-Photon Investigation of a Material's Nonlinear SusceptibilityCody Leary, Susan LehmanPhysicsInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
BenjaminGreenwoodRotator Cuff Rehabilitation: A Literature Review Detailing Factors Affecting Rehabilitation Following a Rotator Cuff InjuryNick BrandleyBiologyInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
CarsonGutierrezExpressing ANXA3 for the Development of Future Diagnostic NanobodiesWilliam Morgan, Rebecca WilliamsBiologySpanishInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
ElizabethHallMeasuring the Impact of TRC: The Involvement with Cities' Use of Housing Policies and Hate CrimesErum HaiderPolitical Science: Comparative PoliticsEconomicsInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
GregoryHallTribal Marketing: Narrative Analysis of Afrocentric Marketing Techniques for African AmericansJoshua Smith, Zhenyu TianDepartment of Communication StudiesInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
Lily KateHarphamHave A Nice Trip: Psychedelics and Spirituality in 1960s Haight-AshburyGregory Shaya, Jeff RocheHistoryInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
JoeyHarrisFatal Extraction: A Comparative Analysis of Environmental Conflicts in Ecuador during the Presidency of Rafael CorreaErum HaiderPolitical ScienceEconomicsInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
JacobHassanEffect of Tributary Glacier Surge on Tidewater Terminus Stability: College Fjord, Prince William Sound, Alaska.Vibhor Agarwal, Gregory Wiles, Mark Wilson Environmental GeoscienceInterior Round Table1-4 p.m.
LukeHenkeWhat wins basketball games? An analysis of Dean Oliver's four factors of basketball, two decades laterDrew Pasteur, Colby LongMathematicsComputer Science, PhilosophyCourt 1 Display1-4 p.m.
AlyssaHenssWartime Impacts on Maya Culture HeritageOlivia Navarro-Farr, Siavash SameiarchaeologyCourt 1 Display1-4 p.m.
JadeHoffA Clonal Plant Gets Too Big For Its Breeches: Pollination and Clonal Population Structure of Spring Flowering Dutchman’s BreechesJennifer Ison, Hilary EdgingtonBiologyGerman StudiesCourt 1 Display1-4 p.m.
LangstonHoodAgency: The Art of Human ChoiceAllison Cardon, Elizabeth SchiltzEnglish and PhilosophyCourt 1 Display1-4 p.m.
ClaireHoranskyContributions of Religious Identity, Religious Commitment, and Spirituality to Undergraduate Prosocial BehaviorAmber Garcia, Bryan KarazsiaPsychologyEducationCourt 1 Display1-4 p.m.
SenaHouessou-AdinLiver Tumors in Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome: Can Alpha-Fetoprotein Levels Distinguish Benign from Malignant Tumors?Dean Fraga, Stephanie StrandBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyCourt 1 Display1-4 p.m.
HaleyHuettKnowing When to Do Wrong: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Threat to a Leader and Violations of Physical Integrity RightsKent Kille, William KujalaPolitical ScienceReligious StudiesCourt 1 Display1-4 p.m.
FerdawssIhiriPreparation of Porphyrin-PYBOX: A stepwise synthesis of functionalized diethynyl-bridged porphyrins for a potential application in solar energy conversionPaul Bonvallet, Karl FeierabendChemistryComputer ScienceCourt 1 Display1-4 p.m.
AyakaIwasakiMulticultural Experiences Influence Attitudes toward Different Groups: The Role of Social IdentitiesAmber Garcia, Amy Jo Stavnezer PsychologyEducationCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
ChristianJohnstonA Biomechanics Analysis of the Pitching Motion: Mechanical Predictors of Velocity and Spin Rate in D-III PitchersNicholas Brandley, Laura SirotBiologyCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
RyanJohnstonThe Morphology, Speleogenesis, and Classification of Cave Turnips in Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park, NevadaShelley JudgeGeology, Communication StudiesCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
IsaKevorkianAgeism: Does it Exist Within DSM-5-TR Diagnostic Criteria?Bryan Karazsia, Grit HerzmannPsychologyCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
KyungjooKimCreation of dimeric Perkinsus marinus creatine kinase through site-directed mutagenesis: Insight into phosphagen kinase quaternary structure evolutionDean FragaBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
Min KyungKimSources of Stress in NCAA Division III Athletes: Racism and Mental Health Threats in CompetitionSusan Clayton, Amy Jo StavnezerPsychologyCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
SeulaKimAre the Arginine Kinase functions found in Myxococcus xanthus conserved in a sister species, Myxococcus macrosporus?Dean Fraga, Laura SirotBiologyCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
YeeunKohA Drunken Carnival of Hate: The Impact of a Minority Group’s Growth on Intergroup ConflictEdward Teather-Posadas, Robert KelveyEconomics, MathematicsCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
EmmaKurtzInfluence of Micronutrients on Survival of C. elegans Post-Pathogenic InfectionsStephanie Strand, Dean FragaBiologyCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
MayLeInvestigation of PC1 And SI Bacteriophages’ Putative Genomic Identities and Infection Methods on Phage Resistant Pseudomonas ChloraphisStephanie Strand, James WestBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
MinjinLeeEffects of Phage Cocktail Compared to Antibiotic Treatments on Host Bacterial Cell (Pseudomonas Chlororaphis)Stephanie StrandBiologyCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
Yong Seok (Tommy)LeeBuidling a Stock Market Simulator (SMS)Sofia Visa, Thomas MontelioneComputer ScienceMathematics, Statistical & Data SciencesCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
ClareLeithauserThe Political Games of Foreign Direct Investment: Investigating the Influence of Regime Type on Host Country FDI Inflows During the OlympicsErik Davis, Jeffrey LantisPolitical ScienceEconomicsCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
IanLeonGold Sounds: An Empirical Analysis of Popular Music From the 1960s to TodayMoses Luri, Edward Teather-PosadasEconomicsStatistical and Data SciencesCourt 1 Table1-4 p.m.
GuoLiComparative Analysis of Princess Character Development: Stereotypes, Sexuality and RacismSimon Rousset, James BonkGlobal Media and Digital StudiesEast Asia StudiesCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
ShaneLouis"Forever On My Mind:" Blues Songwriting in the 1960sJordan Biro WaltersHistoryEducationCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
MorganAnnMaloneThe [Hidden] Costs of War: Rape Culture Awareness and The Effects of Transitional Justice on Victims of Conflict-Related Sexual ViolenceMichele Leiby, Erum HaiderPolitical ScienceSpanishCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
IsabelMancheThe Effect of Innexin Mutations on Seizure Recovery in a Drosophila Melanogaster Model of EpilepsySeth Kelly, Erzsébet ReganNeurobiologyMusicCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
RileyMcErleanMetabolomics to Predict the Onset of Cardiomyopathy in Patients with Propionic AcidemiaPaul Edmiston, James West BCMBCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
SharifMcGeeFinding my way on campus: The effects of religion and spirituality on undergraduate mental health.Meredith HopePsychologyCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
AdamMeyerUncovering Unintended Consequences: A Deep Learning Approach to Algorithmic Fairness in Eye Gaze PredictionChristina Horr, Quimin Huang Statistical and Data SciencesPolitical ScienceCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
JessicaMeyerAn RNA Polynucleotide to Detect the Prostate Cancer Biomarker PCA3William Morgan, James WestBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
AlegntaMezmurThe Power of Narratives: Exploring the Influence of Propaganda Narratives on U.S. Ethiopian Migrants’ Remittance-Sending Behavior Post 2020 Ethiopia/Tigray ConflictEdward Teather-Posadas, Philip MellizoGlobal and International Studies, Economics ConcentrationData ScienceCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
StephanyMirandaEl Éxito en la Vida no se Mide por lo que Logras, sino por los Obstáculos que Superas: Examining the Effects of Imposter Syndrome and Social Support on Mental Health Based on Students Generational StatusMeredith Hope, Bryan KarazsiaPsychologyCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
AnesuMunyanyiPredicting the Behaviour of Breast Cancer Cells through Data Analytics and Mathematical ModellingMichael Bush, Melanie LongMathematicsCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
JillianMurrayProbiotic Bacterial Produced Serotonin (5-HT) in the Microbiome of Caenorhabditis Elegans Alters BehaviorStephanie Strand, Seth KellyNeuroscience BiologyPsychologyCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
UssamaMustafaExploring the Power of Generative Architectures such as GANs, Transformers and VQGAN+CLIP through the Construction of an Illustrated Storybook GeneratorSubhadip Chowdhury, Kowshik BhowmikMathematics, Computer ScienceCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
JenniferMynardA Home for People and Planet: Assessing the Feasibility of Sustainable Affordable Housing by Designing a Proof-of-ConceptSusan Clayton, John SiewertArt History, Environmental StudiesCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
MinhNguyenBecoming Hoa: Constructing a Virtual Realistic WebXR Archive To Imagine and Unimagine the Hoa Identity in present-day VietnamThomas Montelione, Margaret Wee Siang NgComputer Science, HistoryEast Asian StudiesCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
NatalieNonnoAnalyzing the Effects of Different Factors on the Likelihood of Hybridization - A ReviewHilary EdgingtonBiology, Elementary EducationCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
ZakaryNowatzkeNike’s “Equality”: How the Spread of Equality is Halted by the Delivery of Nike’s Message and Their Past ControversiesJoshua Smith, Denise BostdorfCommunications StudiesPsychologyCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
OmobolanleOladejiAn Analysis of Large Language Models in the HealthCare DomainKowshik BhowmikComputer ScienceCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
MatthewPardiThis Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both of Us: Do Apis mellifera Colonies Deter Wild Bee Visitation to Urban Pollinator Gardens?Jennifer Ison, Rick Lehtinen BiologyCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
DavisPattersonAn Investigation of Criticality: Characterizing Motion on a Conical Bead PileSusan Lehman, Niklas ManzPhysicsCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
LarkPinneyExploiting Emergencies: Government Corruption and Repression in Post-Disaster SocietiesMichele Leiby, Erum Haider Political Science (Comparative Politics concentration)Spanish, Religious StudiesCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
KennedyPope“They’re a 10, but..”: Exploring the Effects of Romantic Relationships on Black WomenMeredith Hope, Nathan FosterPsychologyCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
NoahPoundsGreedy Gamblers and Bayesian Bandits: A Quantitative ERP, EEG, and Behavioral analysis of the Iowa State Gambling Task.Grit HerzmannCognitive and Behavioral NeuroscienceCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
KeetonPurvisCubulus: Procedural World Generation Using Marching CubesHeather GuarneraComputer ScienceCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
ColtonRamburWarfarin in Natural Water: A Study of the Photochemical Decomposition and Product FormationKarl J. Feierabend, Rebekah E. GrayChemistryCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
AntoniaRamosA Quantification of Spring Ephemeral Pollen Carried on Queen Bumblebees: Implications for Temporal Mismatch Between Plants and their PollinatorsJennifer Ison, Nicholas BrandleyBiologyEnvironmental StudiesCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
RaisaRaofaAnalysis of Nonlinear Phase Accumulation from Transformations of the Polarization States of Light in Connection to Quantum InformationCody Leary, Michael BushPhysics, MathematicsCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
IzaakRennebeck-OliveiraThe Arms Trade Treaty: Theoretical Success or Failure?William Kujala, Jeffrey LantisPolitical ScienceCourt 2 Table1-4 p.m.
AbigailRiceAutomated Geologic Cross-Section Generation for Ohio using GemPyDaniel Palmer, Drew GuarneraComputer ScienceMath, GeologyCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
AllisonRingold“What’s in a name?”: How Just the Word “Autism” affects Autism StigmaGrit Herzmann, Mareike HerrmannCognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, German StudiesCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
ChristopherRocheAn Analysis of Drought, Wildfire, and Landslide Activity Across Ventura County, CA.Shelley Judge, Vibhor AgarwalEnvironmental GeoscienceCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
KyleRossiSwarm and Steady Wins the Race: Visualizing Constraint Satisfaction Problems Using Swarm IntelligenceDaniel Palmer, Heather GuarneraComputer ScienceMathematicsCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
AnnaRussellCelestial Bodies and Ancient Maya Women: Shedding (Moon)light on Divine PowerOlivia C. Navarro-FarrArchaeologyCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
EthanSamangyCan AI Detect Real and Fake ImagesThomas Montelione, Sofia VisaComputer ScienceMathematicsCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
MichaelScarberryThe Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction and its Photo-Sensitive Metal Complex CatalystsNiklas Manz, Sarah SobeckPhysics, ChemistryCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
EmmaSchellHeterogeneous Ozonolysis of a Novel FungicideJennifer A. Faust, Sarah J. SobeckChemistrySpanish, Latin American StudiesCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
FionaSchieveGOP Jesus and Trump: an Exploration of the Usage of Evangelical Christianity by Donald TrumpJeremy Rapport, Terry ReederPolitical Science, Religious StudiesCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
ClairaSchiffrikDon’t Fight the Fed? An Analysis of the Role of Monetary Policy in the Formation of Bubbles in the Housing MarketHuiting TianEconomicsCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
CarterSchmidtThe Partisan Implications of a Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission: Examining the 2022 Midterm Elections in MichiganMegan Wrobel, Erik DavisPolitical ScienceCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
JohnSchmidtModelling Stable Equilibrium Orientations of a Submerged Dipolar Particle in an Electromagnetic FieldCody Leary, Michael BushPhysics, MathematicsCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
KylieSchmitzStructural Stability of Bovine Serum Albumin upon Adsorption to SOMS Measured by FT-IRPaul Edmiston, Sara MartinBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyMathematicsCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
KatieSchumacherCongestive Heart Failure and Depression: Are medical professionals biased towards CHF patients with depression?Bryan Karazsia, Amber GarciaPsychologyBiologyCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
LucilleSegalBeyond the Game: Examining Health Attitudes from a Collegiate Student-Athlete PerspectiveBryan Karazsia, Meredith HopePsychologyEducationCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
ZoëSemerskyToward a Comprehensive Framework for Investigating Copper Dyshomeostasis: The Role of His-Tag Modularity and Alternative Expression Systems in Evaluating Dopamine β-HydroxylaseAnnastassia Gallo, Sara MartinBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
ZoeSeymoreOverlooked Adoptees: The Effects of COVID-19 Racism and Ethnic Identity on the Psychological Well-Being of Chinese Transracial Adoptees in the United StatesAmber Garcia, Nathan FosterPsychologyMath and ChineseCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
MananShahiProcedurally Generating a Dungeon for Roguelike GamesDaniel Palmer, Drew GuarneraComputer ScienceEconomics , Data ScienceCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
ShiropaShahreenImmobilization of Transferrin in Swellable Organically Modified Silica for Remediation of Heavy Metal IonsPaul EdmistonBCMBSDSCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
HannahShawAre They a Lazy Teammate or Are They Neurodivergent?: Perceptions of Youth Athletes by ADHD Label and Gender IdentityAmber Garcia, Meredith HopePsychologyCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
KatherineShelmidineInvestigation of splicing changes in dNab2 knockdown Drosophila neuronsSeth Kelly, James WestBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyStatistical and Data SciencesCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
HaydenSherry"Major Onions!" A Rhetorical Analysis of Famous Broadcasting Calls in American SportsJoshua Smith, Michelle JohnsonCommunicationsCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
JoeShiltsThe Impact of Modern Technology in Sports on Athletic Success and Team RelationshipsMichelle Johnson, Huiting TianCommunication StudiesCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
SavannahSimaA Critical Theory of the InternetLee McBride III, William KujalaPhilosophy, Political ScienceCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
MorganStanleyOral Contraceptives Improve Spatial Learning and Anxiety in a Rodent Model Despite Opposing AndrogenicityAmy Jo Stavnezer, Meredith HopePsychologyCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
DrakeStolmanFacilitating Collaborative Gameplay Within an Immersive Virtual Reality EnvironmentDaniel Palmer, Heather GuarneraComputer ScienceCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
CaitlinStrassburgConservation of Dynamic Modularity in Biological Network Modeling: Modular Boolean Model of Cell Cycle Regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeErzsebet Regan, Robert KelveyBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, MathematicsCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
ConnorStreeterStudying the Halo of the Nearby M104 Galaxy through Galaxy Decomposition using GALFITLaura DeGroot, Megan NieberdingPhysicsMathCourt 3 Table1-4 p.m.
DylanStricklandClubs, Hills, and Monuments: The Story of British Spaces in Colonial IndiaWee-Siang Margaret Ng, Christina WelschHistorySouth Asian Studies, PhilosophyCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
HuayuSunPollen and Resource Limitation of Seed Production in the Sexual Reproduction of Dutchman's Breeches (Dicentra cucullaria) at Wooster Memorial ParkJennifer L. IsonBiologyCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
GriffinSuppaIdentifying Potential Redox Partners of the Yeast Mitochondrial ThioredoxinJames West, William Morgan Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyReligious StudiesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
DorionTalleyThe Misrepresentation of Black Athletes in MediaJosh SmithCommunication StudiesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
AugustTewellStaring at Images: A Comprehensive Exploration of Object DetectionKowshik Bhowmik, Daniel PalmerComputer ScienceMathematicsCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
SobikaThapaThe Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction and its Technological Advancement with a Focus on Applications with Electric PaintHeather Guarnera, Daniel PalmerComputer ScienceStatistical & Data SciencesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
AustinThomasStarting your Name, Image and Likeness journeyPeter Abramo, Michelle JohnsonMarketing StudiesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
RileyThorrResting Heart Rate, Sleep, and Stress: The Physiological Stress Response of NCAA Division III Female Student-AthletesNicholas Brandley, Laura SirotBiologyPhysical EducationCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
MaleyTinstmanA Farmer Works So the World Can Eat: An Analysis of The Impact of United Nations Food (In)Security and Climate Change Collaboration on Linkages in United Nations OutcomesKent KillePolitical Science, International RelationsCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
ColinTobinContesting the White Masculine Ideal: A Comparative Analysis of Fight Club and The Wolf of Wall StreetSimon Rousset, Jennifer Hayward Global Media and Digital StudiesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
JudithTophamMagmatic Evolution of the Bræðravirki Ridge Basalts in Western IcelandMeagen Pollock, Mark WilsonGeologyCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
AnnaTruongUnderstanding First-Generation Graduation Rates at The College of Wooster: Applying Mathematical Models to Factors that Affect Retention.Drew Pasteur, Rob KelveyMathematicsCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
MattUlishneyAn Examination of Win Probability in NCAA Division I Football Overtime and Its Applications for Evaluating Coaching DecisionsDrew Pasteur, Qimin HuangMathematicsStatistical and Data SciencesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
AavashUpadhyayaInvestigating the Impact of User Interface Design on User Experience in a Full Stack Social Media Web ApplicationThomas MontelioneComputer SciencePsychologyCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
MaudUtsteinWhat Is Reel Life? An Analysis of Tiktok Videos and Instagram Reels Related to Eating Disorders and Mental IllnessMichelle Johnson, Joshua SmithCommunication StudiesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
GlennaVan DykeOn This Land: Digital Indigenous History in Wayne County, OhioKatie HoltHistory, Secondary Social Studies EducationCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
YatzariVenzorAn Investigation of Speech-Language Pathologists’ Perceptions of Adults Who Stutter and The Most Effective Treatment Methods Including Altered Auditory FeedbackDonald M. Goldberg, Cara HammondCommunication Sciences and DisordersCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
Tessvon WallmenichThe Science of Using Women and The Art of Eating Italian: Italian food culture from 1848 to todayKatie Holt, Ibra SeneHistoryReligious StudiesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
LijiayiWang"You Are Stunning.... Just Like Marilyn!": A Content Analysis of Media Emphasizing the Ideal of Beauty Surrounding the 2022 Met Gala Dress ScandalSimon RoussetGlobal Media & Digital StudiesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
BreannaWatkinsPollutant Benzo(a)pyrene's Genetic Effect on Brown Bullhead's p53 and MDM2 Genomic RegionRebecca Williams, Dean FragaBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
AlexandraWellsNecessity of the Robo/Slit Signaling Pathway during Glial Migration in the Peripheral Nervous System of Drosophila MelanogasterSeth Kelly, Nicholas BrandleyBiologyFrench and Francophone StudiesCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
PaigeWellsWhy Athletes Lose Money: Examining Social Factors That Cause Male Professional Basketball Players to Go BrokeSetsuko Matsuzawa, Pam FreseSociologyCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
LinatWestreichLyricism and the Politics of Belonging: Music and Nationalisms for Israel and PalestieMichele Leiby, Erum HaiderPolitical ScienceCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
KayWetmoreThe Lost Electorate: A Content Analysis of 2022 Senatorial Candidates' Video Commercials and Their Appeals to the White Working-ClassDenise Bostdorff, Meg WrobelCommunication Studies, Political ScienceCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
LucyWickhamTile Invariants and an Exploration of Tilings with Ribbon Pentominoes and L-PentominoesSubhadip Chowdhury, Pamela PierceMathematicsCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
JaneWightAll the Lonely People: Edward Hopper's Imagery of Isolation and the Impact of his WorkJohn SiewertArt HistoryCourt 4 Table1-4 p.m.
PatrickWoodDetermining The Crystal Structure of The Staphylococcus Aureus MurG EnzymeSara E.S. Martin, Annastassia GalloBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyStatistical and Data SciencesEast End Display1-4 p.m.
EliottWrightInvestigating the Effect of Steric Bulk of Anilines on the Synthesis of QuinolinonesSara Martin, Paul BonvalletChemistryEast End Display1-4 p.m.
KevinYuanUser-Friendly Design: Full-Stack Web DevelopmentDrew GuarneraComputer ScienceEast End Display1-4 p.m.
WenshuoZhaoAn Investigation of Improving Blue Intensity Measurements from Tree Rings, Gulf of Alaska, USAGreg Wiles, Vibhor Agarwal, Shelley JudgeEnvironmental GeoscienceEast End Display1-4 p.m.
RekikZikuVisualizing Movement: Predicting Interstate Migration Probabilities and Populations of US States using Markov Chain AnalysisHeather Guarnera, Pamela PierceComputer Science and MathemaricsData Science and StatisticsEast End Display1-4 p.m.
TakodaZuehlkeIdentification of a Putative Binding Mechanism for the Reducing Substrate of 6-Hydroxynicotinate 3-MonooxygenaseErzsebet Regan, James WestBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyPsychologyEast End Display1-4 p.m.