Senior Research Symposium 2023 Oral Presentation Directory

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9:00 amThe Alley, Lowry CenterTomoka AdamsEcology and genetic variation of Aedes japonicus, an invasive mosquito in the Wooster, OH areaFerdinand Nanfack-Minkeu, Hernan MedinaBiology, SpanishMatt Mariola
9:00 amThe Alley, Lowry CenterCaitlyn DenesClimatological Analysis of Recent Pluvial Conditions in Northeast Ohio and Implications for Water ManagementGreg Wiles, Meagen Pollock, Shelley JudgeEnvironmental GeoscienceGerman StudiesMatt Mariola
9:00 amThe Alley, Lowry CenterEmily HaseckeThink Globally, Act Locally, Panic Internally: Climate Anxiety's Impact on Political ParticipationSusan Clayton, Matthew KrainPsychology, Political ScienceMatt Mariola
9:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryDoak SchultzThe Online World of Politics: Analyzing the Impact of the Public During #MeToo on Public Policy Using Machine LearningMegan Wrobel, Brittany BrakePolitical ScienceArtKatie Farr
9:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryAllison Cunningham"Footsteps in the Dark:" An Analysis of Identity Salience in Queer Christian College StudentsHeather Fitz Gibbon, Thomas Tierney (second reader)SociologyKatie Farr
9:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryVeda Massanari-ThatcherWho We Are: Queerness Within LockdownEvan Riley, Sina LeePhilosophy, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesKatie Farr
9:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterLauren Ganson“Newgenics”: A Comparison Study of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome in Denmark and The United StatesTom Tierney, Heather Fitz GibbonSociologyPsychologyRikki Palmer
9:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterKate LarsonBreaking Out From Binaries Behind Bars: How Structural Identity Denial Influences Pro/Anti-Social Reactionary Responses and Corresponding Psycho-Social Experiences Inside and Outside the Prison Industrial ComplexZareen Thomas, Amber Garcia, Katie HoltWomen's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; PsychologyRikki Palmer
9:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterDouglas RichardsonI Lived, I Learned: Communication Theory of Resilience and Adult Children of Parents Who Have Experience Substance Use DisorderCommunication StudiesSociologyRikki Palmer
9:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterMaud, Xiao Wu, BulmanChinese by Birth, American by Circumstance: How East-Asian transcultural adoptees create multi-cultural identities in the U.S. & the role of the Covid-19 anti-Asian hate crisis in altering identity conceptionSetsuko Matsuzawa; Pam Frese (second reader)AnthropologyPolitical Science, Music; Pathway: Activism & Social ChangeJill Munro
9:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterZoe E. SeymoreOverlooked Adoptees: The Effects of COVID-19 Racism and Ethnic Identity on the Psychological Well-Being of Chinese Transracial Adoptees in the United StatesAmber Garcia; Nathan Foster (second reader)PsychologyMathematics, ChineseJill Munro
9:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterChloe WrightSomewhere In Between: Examining Mixed-Race Beauty Politics in The United StatesZareen Thomas; Anne Nurse (second reader)SociologyHistoryJill Munro
10:00 amThe Alley, Lowry CenterShane Byrne, Megan Conklin, Glenna Van DykeDigital Alternative Projects in History PanelJordan Biro WaltersHistoryKatie Holt
10:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryCollin J BoissoneaultTwo's a Crowd: Creating a Double Plasmid Expression System in E. Coli for Biotinylated KLK3 PSA ProteinBill Morgan; Rebecca Williams (second reader)BiologyLaura Sirot
10:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryNosherwan MughalBattling the Bloodsuckers: Examining the Expression of OBP23 in the Yellow Fever MosquitoLaura SirotBiologyChemistryLaura Sirot
10:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryBrianna LymanEat Your Heart Out: A video and discussion on making adequate nutrition available for all of Wooster.Heather Fitz Gibbon, Laura SirotAnthropology, BiologyEarth SciencesLaura Sirot
10:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterDylan StricklandClubs, Hills, and Monuments: The Story of British Spaces in Colonial IndiaWee-Siang Margaret Ng; Christina Welsch (second reader)HistorySouth Asian Studies, PhilosophyCathy McConnell
10:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterMinh NguyenBecoming Hoa: Constructing a Virtual Realistic WebXR Archive To Imagine and Unimagine the Hoa Identity in present-day VietnamThomas Montelione, Wee-Siang Margaret NgComputer Science, HistoryEast Asian StudiesCathy McConnell
10:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterVictoria SilvaThird World: Bolivia, The United States, Democracy, and The Art of Putting it on StageJimmy A. Noriega, Michele LeibyTheatre, Political ScienceLatin American Studies, EnglishCathy McConnell
10:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterKatiasofia Gonzales VirtoStressed Out and Struggling to Concentrate: The Relationship Between Cortisol Reactivity and Cognitive Control in College StudentsGrit Herzmann; Susan Clayton (second reader)Cognitive Behavioral NeuroscienceBiologyMakiba Foster
10:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterKayla Stevens"Does this spark joy?" Aesthetics, Gender, and Ideals in Marie Kondo's 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up'Beth Derderian; David McConnell (second reader)AnthropologyEnvironmental Studies; Pathway: Museum & Archival StudiesMakiba Foster
10:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterAshini PatelUtopia Across Time and Space: Could there ever be a "Perfect World"?Claire Eager, John RudisillEnglish, PhilosophyMakiba Foster
11:00 amThe Alley, Lowry CenterBritta Elaine TreuFace-to-Face: Finding Confidence in my Voice in a Technology-Centered GenerationZhenyu Tian, Simon RoussetCommunication StudiesMusicSekhar Mamidi
11:00 amThe Alley, Lowry CenterTeresa Isabel AscencioThe Importance of Mixed-Race Mestiza Representation On and Off Stage: An Autoethnographic ApproachJimmy A. Noriega, Naoko SkalaCommunication Studies, Theatre/DanceSekhar Mamidi
11:00 amThe Alley, Lowry CenterYakeria LamarA Puzzle That’ll Never Be Completed: A Multi-Generational Memoir of Four Generations of Black Women, and Our Experiences in the Black ChurchJeremy Rapport, Clare SigristElementary Education, Religious StudiesSekhar Mamidi
11:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryKeegan Daniel SmithA comprehensive Literature Review of Phytophthora RXLR ResearchWilliam Morgan, Nanfack MinkeuBiologyJennifer Faust
11:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryLauren KreegerUniaxial compression of FOAMGLAS® and bubble deformationShelley Judge, Mark WilsonGeologyGerman StudiesJennifer Faust
11:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryIsaac SchwartzHow Should Self-Driving Cars be Programmed: Exploring Intuition, Utilitarianism, and the Moral Machine ExperimentElizabeth Schiltz, Christina HorrStatistical & Data Sciences, PhilosophyJennifer Faust
11:00 amCoRE Cube, Andrews LibrarySobika ThapaThe Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction and its Technological Advancement with a Focus on Applications with Electric PaintHeather Guarnera, Daniel PalmerComputer ScienceStatistical & Data SciencesJennifer Faust
11:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterAlegnta Dawit MezmurThe Power of Narratives: Exploring the Influence of Propaganda Narratives on U.S. Ethiopian Migrants’ Remittance-Sending Behavior Post 2020 Ethiopia/Tigray ConflictEdward Teather-Posadas, Philip MellizoGlobal and International Studies, Economics concentrationStatistical & Data SciencesChristine Dunson
11:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterCory Edward HorganThe Impact of Nuclear Weapons Security Measures on Brinkmanship Conflict Outcomes: A Comparative Case Study of the Pakistan-India Border Conflict and U.S.-Russian Tensions Over the War in UkraineJeffrey Lantis; Kent Kille (second reader)Political Science (International Relations concentration)Religious StudiesChristine Dunson
11:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterEthan SieberPutin's "Corrective Project": An Examination of State Repression Against Russian Nongovernmental OrganizationsKent Kille, Zach RewinskiPolitical Science, Russian StudiesChristine Dunson
11:00 amGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterAlice MarkeyTogether, We Can Everything: The Social Outcomes of Cohousing Communities in DenmarkMatt Mariola; Heather Fitz Gibbon (second reader)Environmental StudiesSociologyChristine Dunson
11:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterGrace BraverUtilizing Selective Seed Breeding To Optimize Carbon Sequestration In Winter Wheat In Wooster, OhioShelley Judge; Meagen Pollock (second reader)GeologyEllyn Evans
11:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterLake BarrettMelanism in Abert's Squirrel: Investigating the Genetic Cause and Frequency of Melanism in Northern PopulationsRichard Lehtinen, Ryan Ozar; Dean Fraga (second reader)Biology, EducationEllyn Evans
11:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterJillian MurrayProbiotic Bacterial Produced Serotonin (5-HT) in the Microbiome of Caenorhabditis Elegans Alters BehaviorStephanie Strand; Seth Kelly (second reader)Neuroscience (Biology)PsychologyEllyn Evans
11:00 amGovernance Room, Scot CenterRyan James JohnstonThe Morphology, Speleogenesis, and Classification of Cave Turnips in Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park, NevadaShelley JudgeGeology, Communication StudiesEllyn Evans
1:00 pmThe Alley, Lowry CenterNoah GolovanPolarized Insurrection? An Ethical and Empirical Analysis of the January 6 Insurrection and Surrounding Media CoverageMegan Wrobel, Lee McBridePolitical Science, PhilosophyKate Beutner
1:00 pmThe Alley, Lowry CenterAlix PrintupThe Necessary Inclusion of Historical Trauma in Trauma-Based Diagnoses and Subsequent Alternative Therapies Informed by Decolonial Philosophy: Indigeneity as a Philosophia Nata Ex ConatuLee McBride, Bryan T. KarazsiaPsychology, PhilosophyKate Beutner
1:00 pmThe Alley, Lowry CenterDavid DunnAuthenticity & Virtue TheoryJohn Rudisill, Ronald HustwitPhilosophy, PsychologyKate Beutner
1:00 pmThe Alley, Lowry CenterSamuel C. BoudreauTowards a New Political Sovereignty: A Case Study of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird Citizen-Science ProjectThomas Tierney; David McConnell (second reader)SociologyEnglishKate Beutner
1:00 pmCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryAudrey KlostermanMy Favorite Movie is a Play! An Analysis of Adaptations to Stage and Screen, "This Time" ScreeningNaoko SkalaTheatreGlobal Media & Digital StudiesNaoko Skala
1:00 pmCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryLillian BeachMemories of TomorrowAllison Cardon; Claire Eager (second reader)EnglishAnthropologyNaoko Skala
1:00 pmCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryJade GreenThe Creation of Black Paradise: Exploring Wealth Accumulation, Racial Politics and Resilience of Neighborhoods In Detroit's East Side Through Archaeological ReconstructionSiavash Samei, Olivia Navarro-FarrArchaeologyAfricana StudiesNaoko Skala
1:00 pmGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterAlex Wiseman-RoseThumb-sucking, Pacing, and Monkeys: A case study for Costa Rica's Rescate Wildlife Rescue CenterLaura Sirot, Rick LehtinenBiologyHannah Thomas
1:00 pmGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterKatie SpenceMore than a Hobby: Examining Dance as Communication in Honeybees and HumansJennifer Ison, Emily BairdBiology, DanceHannah Thomas
1:00 pmGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterMaria FerreiraThe Role of CB1 receptors in the rapid antidepressant effect of sleep deprivation therapy in ratsAmy Jo StavnezerNeuroscienceHannah Thomas
1:00 pmGovernance Room, Scot CenterIsabelle HooverThe Persistent Illusion of the Medici RealityKara Morrow, Josephine ShayaClassical Languages, Art HistoryMark Graham
1:00 pmGovernance Room, Scot CenterAdam SchneiderSir Skink in the Cold KnightAllison Cardon, Jess CowingEnglishMark Graham
1:00 pmGovernance Room, Scot CenterKevin PoeDivinity's Secret Love Song: An Investigation Into The Relationship Between Humanity and The Divine Through The Lens of Sacred NarrativesMark Graham, Elizabeth SchiltzReligious Studies, PhilosophySouth Asian StudiesMark Graham
2:00 pmCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryKatie FleigAn Overworked Powerhouse: A Boolean Model of Mitochondrial Dysfunction Associated Senescence in the Context of Aging MicrogliaErzsebet Regan, Hilary Edgington; William Morgan (second reader)NeuroscienceSetsuko Matsuzawa
2:00 pmCoRE Cube, Andrews LibrarySarah SniderCan We Reverse Aging? Using Cognitive Training in Rodents to Enhance Overall Cognitive PerformanceAmy Jo StavnezerCognitive NeuroscienceEconomicsSetsuko Matsuzawa
2:00 pmCoRE Cube, Andrews LibraryRichard Cabral TorresThe Effects of Water Chemistry on Diatom Ecology Over Time in the American Upper MidwestMark Wilson; Vibhor Agarwal (second reader)Environmental GeoscienceSetsuko Matsuzawa
2:00 pmGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterAmari RoyalGrief Live: How Performers Interpret, Analyze, and Perform Grief on StageJimmy A. Noriega, Lisa WongMusic, Theatre and DanceDenise Bostdorff
2:00 pmGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterAlex PadfieldThis Is Not About The Body: Deprioritizing A Corporeal Study Of The HijraSarah Mirza, Mark Graham (second reader)Religious StudiesDenise Bostdorff
2:00 pmGault Recital Hall, Scheide Music CenterNoah OlsonUnderstanding Viewers' Reactions to Sports Commentators and What They Bring to the Table During a Broadcast of an NFL GameMichelle JohnsonCommunication StudiesPhysical EducationDenise Bostdorff
2:00 pmGovernance Room, Scot CenterBen ReadRed Sword-White Canvas: The Past, Present, and Future of the Avant-Garde and Avant-Garde AestheticsJohn Rudisill, John SiewertPhilosophy, Art HistoryMusicPam Frese
2:00 pmGovernance Room, Scot CenterGeoffrey AllenBlack and Red Markers on White Boards: Applying John Ogbu's Cultural-Ecological Theory of Minority Student Experiences to Higher EducationDavid McConnell, Rujie WangAnthropology, Chinese StudiesPam Frese
2:00 pmGovernance Room, Scot CenterPeter BarkerSeeds of Liberation or Spheres of Domination: Role-Playing Games and Alternative Social FormationGreg Shaya, Evan RileyHistory, PhilosophyPam Frese
4:00 pmEbert Art CenterRondon Caeser Jr.Through the Lens: Shattering Stereotypes About African American Women in Sports Through PhotographyDenise Bostdorff, Michelle JohnstonCommunication Studies