We are thrilled to present once again the Senior Research Symposium as members of the senior class have the opportunity to present their Independent Study projects to their classmates, families, alumni, and the Wooster community. Seniors will have the choice to participate in an in-person symposium on Friday, April 21 as well as the online symposium beginning Thursday, April 20.

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How to Participate:

1. Submit a pre-recorded narrated PowerPoint on YouTube, other videos, photos, and/or digital poster to be housed on your own personal I.S. website

Webpages will go live in the evening on Thursday, April 20 (the day before Senior Research Symposium) so the chats with friends and family can start that evening. Then be sure to check back during in-person Symposium the following day to see what new comments and questions have been posted. The comments will close Friday night, but the webpages will stay live so you can return—and/or send other friends, family, and supporters to check them out! Here is a link to last year’s Symposium website. Recent graduates have also found these webpages to be helpful in their job searches and have added the link to their resumes.

2. Apply to present LIVE on Friday, April 21

  • Conference-style Oral presentations (10-15 minutes)
  • In-Person Poster Presentations
  • Performances & Demonstrations (5-10 minutes)
Upcoming Workshops for Participants

Workshop dates and times will be announced at a later date.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 7 at 11:59 pm. Please be sure to have all of your materials ready to submit at the same time.

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All submissions will require:

  • Your name as you want it to appear on the page and event program
  • Title of your project
  • Name(s) of your advisors
  • Major(s) & Minor(s)
  • 250-word abstract
  • Headshot (optional, but highly encouraged)

For your I.S. webpage, you can also include: Narrated PowerPoint presentation uploaded to YouTube, and/or any accompanying video, images, and/or digital poster

If you want to do an in-person presentation on Friday, April 21, choose ONE of the following options:

  • Poster Presentation in Scot Center: Submit completed digital poster files (.pdf only) and we will print and deliver the poster to Scot Center for you on April 21.
  • Oral Presentation – Conference-Style (10-15 minutes): Submit completed PowerPoint slides and we will pre-load them for your session on April 21.
  • Creative Presentations (performances, installations) & Research Demonstrations: Submit a brief explanation about how you would like to present your work and we’ll be in touch to figure out the details.
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And don’t forget about Symposium Prizes! All of those who submit materials will be automatically entered in broad categories like Most Engaging Poster, Best Video, Most Creative Slideshow, and more.