Grant Reporting

Whether a grant is a few months or multi-year, we will help with all reporting requirements and submissions. We assist with deadline reminders and […]

Award Management

Along with our Senior Grants Accountant, our office will assist with award paperwork and management. This includes being a point of contact for questions, […]

Proposal Submission

To ensure that all relevant parties on campus are aware of your proposal, you must submit a Proposal Transmittal Form. This form must be […]

Proposal Development

Our office will help to put together a project timeline and work through all portions of the proposal and submission process. This will include assisting […]

Search for Funding

If you have research project or program that you would like assistance funding, please reach out to our office to set up a meeting […]

Will there be a mascot program?

Yes! Street Characters in Alberta, Canada, is designing and manufacturing the mascot costumes, which are scheduled to arrive on campus in June. We will […]

What is the mascot’s name?

The name for Wooster’s new Fighting Scots mascot is Archie. Members of the campus community submitted nearly 800 suggestions for names for Wooster’s updated […]

Who designed the mascot?

Slagle Design, a firm based in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in creating and updating mascots, led the design efforts with input from a working group […]

What was the process that resulted in the new mascot?

Numerous informal discussions have been held over the years about the mascot. We even held a First-Year Seminar class in Fall 2019 on the […]

What will the College do with the old Scottish Highlander installations?

The College will be working throughout the next year to replace old logos with the new logo. In so doing, we will make every […]

What are the plans to introduce the new mascot logo throughout campus?

The new Scottie dog logo made its debut on campus on Thursday, March 30, 2023, during a pep rally in Timken Gymnasium. This summer […]

What was wrong with the old mascot?

As we examine Wooster’s history, the Scottie dog was the first mascot at Wooster and has never really gone away even with the introduction […]

Are we still the Fighting Scots?

Yes! We are the Fighting Scots. Rather than representing the Fighting Scots with the Scottish Highlander, we will now use a Scottish Terrier, otherwise […]

Since classes will be remote the first week of the semester, will my campus job be remote too?

No. You should stay in contact with your work supervisor regarding any changes to your work status.

How can I get another vaccination card if I lost mine?

If you were vaccinated through one of the College’s vaccination clinics, you can call the Wayne County Health Department and request to have a […]

Can I apply for an exemption from the booster vaccination requirement?

Yes, you can request an exemption by emailing

What is the definition of “shared indoor spaces” where the new masks are required?

Any area in which it is reasonable to expect that close contact can occur (within six feet for more than 15 minutes) is a […]

Where can I get the masks when I get to campus?

Masks will be distributed upon arrival at the testing area as well as available at various locations across campus such as the dining hall, […]

How many of the new masks will the College provide me? Do I need to order more of my own?

We will provide several masks to students upon arrival for the first week and will continue to have them available for as long as […]

Why are new masks being required? Will faculty and staff be required to use them too?

The new masks (N95, KN95, KF94, and other options) are proven to be much more effective at viral filtration, are better fitting, and will […]