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Abigail Sandberg '13

Abigail Sandberg '13, Student Senior Independent Study Exhibition, "Architectural Interventions"


Art & Art History


Making art has always been a fundamental aspect of the human condition, a means of understanding the world around us.   The curriculum of the Department of Art and Art History at Wooster provides students opportunities to study the history of art and to create art in order to better understand themselves and history and to realize more clearly the importance of art in culture.


An undergraduate B.A. degree from a liberal arts college such as Wooster can provide an excellent foundation for graduate training as a professional architect. 

Since the built environment both shapes and is shaped by society, an architect needs not only the technical training in design and engineering that would be provided by an advanced degree in architecture but also the broader understanding of history and culture that is best attained within the context of a liberal arts education. 

Moreover, an architect must think and write critically and be able to articulate his or her vision—another reason why a liberal arts B.A. is good career preparation.