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Neuroscience is an exceptionally diverse and interdisciplinary field that incorporates aspects of biology, psychology, chemistry, philosophy, computer science, and other disciplines in the study of the nervous system.

Neuroscientists seek to understand the function of the brain and peripheral nervous system at multiple levels, from the complex processes that occur in single neurons to the expansive cellular networks that ultimately give rise to perception, emotion, cognition, and even social behavior.

The Neuroscience Program is thus a multidisciplinary program with the curriculum consisting of a combination of nine required foundational courses currently required for majors in Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology. Neuroscience continues to draw from, inform and expand the disciplines of Biology and Psychology in a variety of ways, and therefore emphasizes these areas in its curriculum. Students can choose from a variety of upper level electives according their personal interests.

The goals of the Neuroscience Program are to provide students with the essential foundational knowledge, skills, confidence and research experiences that will allow them identify and meet their intellectual and professional goals.


  • 100 Introduction to Psychology
  • 230 Human Neuropsychology
  • 250 Statistics (OR Math 102)
  • 101 Foundations of Biology
  • 201 Gateway to Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • 120 Principles of Chemistry Lab (and 110 if needed*) 
  • 323 Behavioral Neuroscience
  • 380 Cellular Neuroscience 
  • 401 Introduction to Independent Study
  • 451 Senior Independent Study Thesis
  • 452 Senior Independent Study Thesis


Choose any 4, maximum of 3 from one department


  • 304 Human Physiology
  • 305 Cell Physiology
  • 306 Genes and Genomes
  • 307 Development
  • 344 Comparative Animal Physiology
  • 352 Behavioral Ecology
  • 377 Vertebrate Reproductive Biology


  • 212 Abnormal Psychology
  • 321 Learning and Behavior
  • 322 Memory and Cognition
  • 335 Sensation and Perception


  • 215 Biomedical Ethics
  • 304 Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
  • IDPT 200-11 Neuroscience of Learning & Memory