Preparing for a Health Career

Many students consider a career in medicine, but there are many other options as well! The Web site is a free multi-disciplinary and interactive resource that addresses an array of health professions and provides easy access to students seeking information about health careers. The Web site is also helpful, particularly for students from underrepresented groups.

There are many careers to explore! An effective way to prepare for a career in health care is to educate yourself about the admissions requirements for the programs in which you are interested. Admissions panels will verify that you have met the course requirements, but are also interested in your academic performance, entrance exam scores, and motivations for pursuing a career in health care. They want to ensure that you have a good understanding of the field and that you possess the characteristics needed to succeed in the program.

The most successful applicants are those who:

  • engage in course planning early in order to fit in the requirements
  • employ good time management and study practices to do well academically
  • prepare well for the entrance exam
  • obtain exposure to the field through volunteer, paid, internship or shadowing experiences (.pdf)
  • hold leadership positions in extracurricular activities
  • get to know faculty so they can get to know you
  • possess self-knowledge and can clearly articulate their motivations for pursing a particular career

Students at all levels are encouraged to introduce themselves to the Pre-Health Advising Committee, participate in its activities, and engage fully in the intellectual and social life of the College.