History major learns the value of the subject for local communities

Ingrid Buckley '20

As a history major, Ingrid Buckley ’20 found her love of history flourished during her APEX Fellowship at the Southeast Ohio History Center. “The Southeast Ohio History Center is an organization I had the pleasure of getting to know throughout the past two years,” said Buckley. Located in Athens, Ohio, the center collects, preserves, and shares Southeast Ohio’s unique cultural and natural heritage. Buckley managed the center’s donations and inventory, set up exhibits, and conducted research.  

Through her APEX Fellowship, Buckley noticed history’s ability to support one’s local community. “Valuing local history is important,” said Buckley, “by doing so, you give value to your community.” Buckley hopes to continue community service through education. “This internship provided me with valuable skills for this profession and has helped me to make connections for any future pursuits within this field.” 

Posted in Experiential Learning on August 5, 2019.

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