Computer science major completes software development internship in Vietnam

Huy Kieu '22

Huy Kieu ’22, a computer science major at The College of Wooster, was awarded a 2020 APEX Fellowship for an internship at FPT Software, a leading global and information technology services group, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As a software development engineer intern, Kieu became more fluent in programming languages and helped develop a web application for a Japanese company while also being able to work safely in person. “Before the internship, I barely knew anything about how websites work and how people interact with what is on the screen,” Kieu said. “Now, I understand the workflow of a website, from the front-end programming to the back-end.” Before landing the internship with FPT Software, Kieu spent the previous summer at LeadX, a leadership development company, as a business analyst.

FPT Software is divided into several business units that each focus on specific projects. Kieu’s digital transformation and innovation unit included 100 employees who concentrated on the vehicle development industry. “From the beginning, I was assigned to a team that was building a web-based system to manage the ‘black box’ of vehicles, which collects data such as speed, brake application, and air bag deployment,” he said. “This will allow auto manufacturers to analyze these statistics in real time.” Kieu spent most of his time coding to enhance different features of the system and attending daily check-ins but was able to attend workshops where he could learn about or practice specific technological skills.

Overall, this experience supplied Kieu with more knowledge about software engineering and development and how it can be applied to many interesting areas, such as online portfolios and web applications. “Moreover, the internship provided me a concrete foundation for me to enhance both personal and professional skills in my career path,” Kieu said.

Posted in Experiential Learning on May 26, 2021.

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