Computer Science Major, Bolanle Oladeji ’23, Shares Microsoft-Partnered Internship Experience and Insight

College of Wooster student presents her internship

While researching freshman and sophomore-oriented Computer Science (CS) internships this summer, CS major Bolanle Oladeji ‘23 discovered Cyborg Mobile, a technical solutions company. Cyborg Mobile’s internship is named New Techs (NT), made in partnership with Microsoft.

“The New Technologist program is a technical innovation academy geared towards freshmen and sophomores that are just starting out in tech,” explained Oladeji.

Having recently completed the summer internship at Cyborg Mobile as a New Technologist Intern, Oladeji was able to experience vast aspects of Computer Science in the context of the industry.

“I decided to apply because it seemed like a good opportunity to discover what specific aspect of CS I liked best,” states Oladeji.

During her time at Cyborg Mobile, Oladeji and others were divided into teams and were tasked to design a product to solve a specific problem statement.

“I thought it was really cool because I got to take a project through the entire product lifecycle, from the ideation process all the way to the prototype stage,” said Oladeji, reflecting on the missions she undertook during the internship.

These projects elicited innovation and teambuilding. Oladeji said, “Along with gaining new technical skills, my skills of collaboration and communication were also improved.” This gave a clearer vision of what was a once, blurry, bright future.

“The internship really gave me an insight into how working in the tech industry is and has helped to reinforce my goal of becoming a software engineer.”

It is important in knowing just how essential internships can be and this sentiment is far from lost on Oladeji.

When asked what advice she would give to other students, Oladeji offered, “Internships provide insight as to how working in the industry might be and might help solidify one’s interest in Computer Science. You also get to learn things outside of the classroom and meet new people from all over the world!”

Oladeji’s growth cannot be attributed singularly to Cyborg Mobile and its learning curves. Oladeji had a strong backbone from the start.

“Wooster’s liberal arts curriculum definitely came in handy especially when it came to applying critical thinking skills. My data structures and algorithm class were also of an immense benefit, especially when it came to interviewing for the position,” she said.

From what the College planted, to what the internship sewed, to what Oladeji grew herself, this journey is the beginning of a beautiful bloom in Bolanle Oladeji’s career.

Posted in Experiential Learning on September 30, 2021.