Relationships at Wooster guide Antwan Chambers ’14 in mentorship position

Antwan Chambers ’14

Antwan Chambers ’14 learned about The College of Wooster for the first time upon entering an introductory interview with the Posse Foundation. After doing some research on the school he quickly realized that Wooster was his number one choice. In fact, during his second interview he was asked about his top school. Chambers immediately replied, “The College of Wooster would be my top choice because it is a liberal arts school, and it has extensive writing opportunities.” In his time at the College as a history major, Chambers had many experiences that would serve to positively contribute to his future personal and professional endeavors.  

“Whether it was taking a history seminar with six total students or attending a quidditch match with friends, I gained experiences that I might not have if I chose a school that was not Wooster. The community, traditions, and desire for holistic learning sets the liberal arts education at Wooster apart,” he said.  

In his time at The College, Chambers developed a relationship with Shannon King, a former associate professor in the history department. “He spoke to all his students like they were his advisees because he is an educator who invests in how his students think and engage in all academic areas, not just in his courses.” It is through relationships with faculty like King that Chambers found the ideal guide for how he interacts with students at Road to Hire, a North Carolina-based non-profit organization that provides support for students as they pursue college or apprenticeships.  

At Road to Hire, Chambers works as a student career coach. When forming relationships with these students, Chambers uses the mentorship that he received at the College as a model for how to interact with them. He said “As most of my students are from ethnic and socioeconomically diverse backgrounds, I believe having advisors who honor the uniqueness that they naturally bring to their work while pushing them to new heights is essential. Showing up for them in this way and being able to celebrate with them as they reach new milestones is the most rewarding.” He added that the best relationships have “a balance of autonomy for learning through exploration and direction giving, and I think that allows for well-rounded development.” 

As a mentor, Chambers has a few words of advice for College of Wooster students. He encourages students to “take advantage of whatever it is that you want out of college! Life will continue to present you opportunities to learn and grow, but they will not be anything like the opportunities you have now.” 

Posted in Alumni on December 20, 2021.