Wooster Class of 2027 set to make their impression on campus community

Wooster Class of 2027 marches through Kauke arch.

The Class of 2027 arrived at The College of Wooster in mid-August and these new Scots have already added to the richness and diversity of the College community. Made up of 452 first-year students, the class brings new energy to campus and represents a wide array of places, backgrounds, and accomplishments.

“We are excited to welcome Wooster’s new students,” said Jennifer Winge, vice president for enrollment. “Their varied interests and talents enrich our campus and classrooms.”

Members of the class hail from 33 states and Washington D.C. as well as 37 countries including international students, dual citizens, and global nomads. Students from Ohio make up 34% of the class, and 24% are first-generation college students. Of the new students who moved into the Wooster community, 13% are international students and 29% are U.S. students of color, contributing to Wooster’s diverse multicultural community. Countries represented include those as far away as Zimbabwe, with South Korea, Ghana, Nepal, and India being the most highly represented. Also new to campus this fall are 21 transfer students from other institutions.

Of those students from the United States, 30% of incoming Wooster students for the Class of 2027 are eligible for Pell grants, typically those from households with earnings less than $50,000 annually. In an article published by The New York Times Magazine in early September 2023, Wooster was recognized as the top school in Ohio at No. 91 with the greatest economic diversity. A College-Access Index that lists the country’s most-selective universities ranked in order of economic diversity, the list includes the 286 most-selective colleges in the country as defined by Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges and other metrics. It is based on data from the first-year class of 2020-21 with the share of Pell-eligible students at 23% indicated for Wooster.

Winge noted that when asked “Why Wooster?” on their applications, “Wooster’s distinct research experience, experiential learning opportunities, and welcoming and diverse community were common threads among the answers of students from the new class. It’s evident that this class demonstrates intellectual curiosity and values intercultural experiences.” She quoted one student who said, “What really stuck out was the palpable passion for learning in every person I talked to. It was all embodied in the Independent Study projects. Every school promotes research as an exciting opportunity for students, but here, you are taught how to do research. Discovering your own passions and working with others to create something unique is ingrained into each class.”

The academic talent of the College’s Class of 2027 echoes its diversity with an average GPA of 3.7. Students in the class expressed interest in a broad range of academic programs, with psychology, biology, and business economics noted as some of the top interests.

Wooster Class of 2027

Wooster Class of 2027

Posted in News on September 28, 2023.