The Department of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation supports the belief that participation in physical activity and sports are integral components of the culture in which we live. The values and concepts inherent in sports are parallel to those developed within the framework of a liberal arts education. Skills learned through physical activity and sport participation are valuable personal, social, and recreational tools which may be used to enrich the lives of men and women within society. The department is committed to create and develop a unique program of health, fitness, and leisure education dedicated to improving the quality of life and promoting longevity.

The discipline of Physical Education challenges us to:

  • acquire and maintain a level of fitness and wellness necessary to enhance the quality of life;
  • develop a coordinated body and efficient movement patterns that will be understood and utilized by us during activity;
  • become more proficient in one or more activities which give personal satisfaction, enjoyment, and leisure time resources during and beyond college;
  • develop through sport experiences and physical activity the values and standards of conduct inherent in participation in sport and recreational activity.

Students interested in a minor in physical education must complete six courses from a wide range of options. The program also includes courses for who want to build skills in coaching and teaching physical education in an elementary classroom.

Sarah Davis
Chair of Physical Education Minor


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