Reading, PA

Why Wooster

I’m a firm believer of the residential liberal arts educational experience. The interdisciplinary, hands-on, and personal learning opportunities offered are invaluable to ones’ personal and academic growth. Pair that with a welcoming and vibrant community, and the decision to come to Wooster was a no-brainer for me!

Advice for Applicants

Where there’s a will, there’s a way… it is perfectly fine to feel overwhelmed and/or lost during your college search process. At the end of the day, focus on what you really want from a school, visit those schools on your list (when possible) to get a sense if you can see yourself there, and utilize all of the resources available at your disposal (like the amazing admissions staff at Wooster).

Favorite Wooster Tradition

I.S. (Independent Study) Monday and Symposium. Our students work incredibly hard over the course of four years and it’s great to see it come full circle and culminate with their I.S. journey.

Favorite Place in Wooster

In the city of Wooster, probably Boba Bowl. There are a lot of great shops and restaurants but if you want a refreshing traditional drink with a modern twist, this is your place! – On campus, it would have to be Knowlton Commons in between Williams Hall of Life Science and Severance Hall. The open layout, 2-story floor-to-ceiling wall of windows, and a café offer a relaxing space with great views to the tree-filled academic quad.

Fun Fact About Me

When asked what Super Bowl ring was his favorite, Tom Brady answered, “the next one.” Besides being a huge sports fan, I really enjoy traveling. I have spent half my life in Mexico and have a decent amount of overseas travel experience as well (most recently, Iceland). So when asked what trip has been my favorite… it’s the next one I get to plan and go to.

Assigned Territory

Works with students from: Illinois, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Additionally, Alex works with Global Nomad students.