• B.A., Macalester College (Mathematics and Economics)
  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Applied Economics)
Courses Taught
Independent Study Advising
  • Samuel Susanin ’13 Asymmetric Information, Adverse Selection, & Contract Adjustment in the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (Cmbs) Market.
  • Lauren Grimanis ’12 Inclusion of Gender in the Management of Water Resources in Rural African Communities
  • Laura Valencia ’12 Study Abroad, Intercultural Friendships, and Transformation of Self and Society
  • Sadaf Asrar ’11 Sowing the Seeds to a Higher Consumption: a Study on the Impact of Access to Formal Savings and Credit Mechanisms on the Economic Portfolios of Farming Households
  • Tracy A. Duhaney ’11 International Trade and Its Impact on C02 Emissions
  • Hillary Darragh ’09 An environment for innovation: the relationship between intellectual property rights, R&D and innovation.
  • Matthew Jones ’05 Examining the impact of the East Asian crisis on household savings in Indonesia. Available at The Rand Corporation

Published in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Eastern Economics Journal, and Water International. View a full list of publications.

Professional Affiliations
  • American Economics Association
  • Eastern Economics Association
  • INFER Research
  • “Paul Harris Fellow”, 2012
  • “Mentorship Award”, International Students Association, Wooster 2006.
  • “Nominee: Teacher of the Year”, Bates College 2002.