• Universidad Complutense, Madrid, English Philology.
  • Universidad Complutense and Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, M.A. in American Studies.


  • As an undergraduate in English Studies, I spent an Erasmus year living and studying in London, which soon made me realize what I already suspected from my experience in early courses on literature: my great passion for books and their effect on my following travels and life experiences. I graduated in Madrid several years later and, soon after, I enrolled in my master’s degree, American Studies, which I used to develop my thesis on postmodern literature and American history.
  • My academic record also consists of over ten years of classic music and Spanish guitar at my local Conservatory school in Móstoles, a city in South Madrid. As of today, I still consider my guitar as a kind of third arm stemming from my body, so playing or performing may sometimes become a physical necessity.
  • As for my résumé, my early job experiences consisted of nearly five years as a bartender in hospitality in places such as Ibiza, London, Canterbury or Madrid. After I graduated, I soon developed a strong bond to teaching foreign languages, and so I started teaching English at schools and academies, and usually combine it with one-to-one guitar lessons.
  • At present, as a Spanish teaching assistant, I am delighted to get the chance to teach my own language according to both the context and history that I am usually surrounded by while in my native country. One of the most beautiful aspects of my presence in campus life and the Spanish department is being able to become a part of the community and hope to learn more deeply from what I am expected to teach and share about myself.