• B.A., Spanish, Cleveland State University
  • M.A., Teaching English as a Second Language, Kent State University


  • achiever
  • connectedness
  • harmony
  • belief
  • input
Areas of Interest

Carla Reyes specializes in academic support. In particular, she has worked in international education since 2013 to support students whose primary language is not English with academic, social, and language differences. She is particularly interested in phonetic parsing and pronunciation as well as reading fluency research. In addition, she works with all students through holistic advising in promoting effective time management, study strategies, and academic management techniques.

Courses Taught
  • IDPT 19920: Wooster International Immersion Seminar
  • IDPT 11100: Writing Studio (ELL)
  • IDPT 40000: Tutorial in English Language Learning
  • Promoting Equity and Inclusivity with Perusall, Panelist. Perusall Exchange 2021.
  • Modeling Expert Reading Strategies: Induction into Communities of Practice. Perusall Exchange 2021