• B.A., University of Michigan 1988
  • M.A., University of Michigan 1994
  • Ph.D., University of Michigan 2002
Areas of Interest

Josephine Shaya (Ph.D. Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan) specializes in Latin, Roman history, and archaeology. She has published on monuments, memory, travel and the history of collecting in antiquity. Her research has brought the insights of recent theoretical studies of museums and monuments to bear upon the analysis of Hellenistic and Roman collections and collectors.  She is currently the Museum Review Editor for the American Journal of Archaeology.

Courses Taught
  • First Year Seminar: Who Owns the Past?
  • Latin 101: Beginning Latin Level I
  • Latin 102: Beginning Latin Level II
  • Latin 201: Seminar in Latin Literature (Intermediate Latin Level I)
    Ovid, Rome, and the Classical Tradition
    Slavery and Literature in Ancient Rome
    Backroads, Witchcraft, and Romance: The Ancient Novel
  • Latin 202: Seminar in Latin Literature (Intermediate Level II)
    Empire and Late Republican Literature
    Race and Ethnicity in Latin Literature
    Autobiography in Roman North Africa
  • Latin 301: Seminar in Latin Literature (Advanced Level I)
  • Latin 302: Seminar in Latin Literature (Advanced Level II)
  • Latin 400: Tutorial
  • AMST 261: Studies in Ancient History
  • HIST 204: Ancient Greek History: The World of the Greeks
  • HIST 205: Roman History: Rome and the Impact of Empire
  • CLST 401: Junior Independent Study
  • CLST 451-451: Senior Independent Study
  • “Sanctuaries, the Ever-Accumulating Past, and the Arval Acta.” Jane Fejfer and Troels Kristensen, eds., Inscribing and Collecting Art in Greek and Roman Sanctuaries, Routledge (forthcoming).
  • “Museo Arqueológico Nacional de España Revisited.” American Journal of Archaeology 122.2 (2018): 339-341
  • “A Letter from the Museum Review Editor.” American Journal of Archaeology 122.1 (2018): 3-4
  • “Communicating Context: Spain’s Newly Renovated Museo Arqueológico Nacional.” American Journal of Archaeology 121.2 (2017).
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  • “An Archaeologist’s Vision of the Holy Land: Sepphoris 1931.” In Elaine Gazda and Elise Friedland, eds., Leroy Waterman and the University of Michigan’s Excavations at Sepphoris, 1931: ‘The Scientific Test of the Spade’ (Ann Arbor, 1997): 12-16