Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Why Wooster

I like that there isn’t a “type” of Wooster student. You will find that Wooster students are diverse in every facet. Yet, they embrace each other’s differences, and are excited to learn about new viewpoints.

Advice for Applicants

Choosing a school is a lot like falling love – it has to feel right. So listen to your instincts.  Visit campus whenever possible!  Don’t procrastinate. Listen to your parents/guardians/advisors. Don’t worry about what your major(s) will be, because at Wooster you have three semesters before you have to make that decision. Instead focus on if you can see yourself as a part of the Wooster Community.

Favorite Wooster Tradition

Independent Study Monday! I am actually very jealous of the Wooster students, that they have a day of celebration for completing their undergraduate theses. (My university didn’t have a tradition like I.S. Monday, so when I turned in my thesis I was high-fiving strangers in the hall.)

Favorite Place in Wooster

Basil Asian Bistro in Historic Downtown Wooster, and the labyrinth sacred space on campus.

Fun Fact About Me

I live in a tiny house. In 2009 my husband and I built a 432 square foot cabin, (that I designed). Designing small is hard because every inch needs to be maximized, so I was very glad when everything fit! We will live in our tiny house, until I realize my dream of building an off-grid, environmentally sustainable home.