• B.A. University of Dayton, 2007
  • M.P.A. University of Dayton, 2011
  • Ph.D. North Carolina State University, 2018
Areas of Interest

Dr. Warnement Wrobel’s expertise focuses on the public policy process, specifically utilizing the narrative policy framework with the multiple streams approach. She is particularly interested in the substantive policy areas of disaster policy, healthcare policy, and nuclear energy policy. Dr. Warnement Wrobel has also conducted research on the issues of risk perception, regulatory change following focusing events, organizational and policy learning, critical infrastructure, and perceptions of civil servants in film.

Courses Taught

Dr. Warnement Wrobel has taught several US Politics courses including, Introduction to US National Politics, Disaster Policy, Public Policy Process, Legislative Process, Film and Politics, State and Local Government, Nonprofit Management, Administrative Law, Introduction to Public Administration, and Public Administration Ethics.

  •  “Political Ideology and Nuclear Energy: Perception, Proximity, and Trust.” In Review of Policy Research with Mark McBeth and Irene van Woerden 2022.
  •  “Focusing Events, Risk, and Regulation” In Policy Shock: Recalibrating Risk and Regulation After Oil Spills, Nuclear Accidents, and Financial Crises with Tom Birkland 2017.
  •  “Multiple Streams, Focusing Events and the Policy Process: Testing and Refining the Multiple Streams Approach.” In Decision-Making Under Ambiguity and Time Constraints: Assessing the Multiple Streams Framework with Tom Birkland 2016.
  •  “Post Crisis Assessments as Organizational and Policy Learning” In Organizing After Crisis with Tom Birkland 2015.
  •  “Critical Infrastructure in Extreme Events.” In Controversy in Science and Technology Volume 4 with Tom Birkland 2014.
  • “Focusing Events in Disasters and Development.” In Disasters & Development: Examining Global Issues and Cases with Tom Birkland 2014.
  •  “Government on the Silver Screen:Contemporary American Cinema’s Depiction of Bureaucrats, Police Officers and Soldiers” in PS: Political Science and Politics 46:3 with Michelle Pautz 2013.
  • Government Public Relations and the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services Website. In M. Lee, G. Neeley, K. Stewart; (Ed.), The Practice of Government Public Relations 2011