• B.S., Shandong University, China, 2012
  • M.S., University of Miami, FL, 2014
  • Ph.D., University of Miami, FL, 2018
Areas of Interest

My research interests lie in modeling and analysis of problems originated in biological and life sciences, in particular (i) modeling of infectious diseases, and (ii) developing optimal strategies to control diseases in public health practice. The tools I have been using are differential equations, statistical analysis, and scientific computing. I’m open to developing new skills and ideas, such as big data analytics, required in interdisciplinary research.

I have experience in dealing with real data analysis, involving parameter estimation, dynamic model development, numerical simulations, and optimal control. I have also been involved in collaboration with the School of Medicine, Center for Global Health and Diseases, and the Department of Computer and Data Sciences, to study major public health problems arising from COVID-19, antimicrobial drug resistance & phage therapy, Schistosomiasis, Children diseases, and vaccination.

Courses Taught
  • Linear Algebra
  • Math in Contemporary Society
  • Applied Integral Calculus
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