• B.A., Herzen State Pedagogical University, Russia 2002
  • M.A., Northwestern University, 2008
  • Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2013


Areas of Interest

In my research, I focus on twentieth- and twenty-first century Russian literature, particularly the cultural imagination of space, especially Eurasia and Siberia. I favor an interdisciplinary approach to literature, one which takes into account its connections with politics, geography, and society. My research explores the mutual influence between literature and political, social and historical thought in Russia, focusing on the idiosyncrasies of Russian postmodernism, Eurasianist imperialism, and neo-Orientalism in contemporary writing.


Courses Taught

While I particularly enjoy teaching courses grounded in my research, such as “Imagining Siberia” and “The Artist and the Tyrant: Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Literature,” I regularly teach Russian literature and culture of the nineteenth century, and film. I find it exciting to teach Russian language to a new group of enthusiastic students each year.

  • RUSS 101-299 Russian language at all levels
  • RUSS 210: Russian Civilization: Short Russian Masterpieces
  • RUSS 220: Russian Culture Through Film
  • RUSS 240: Imagining Siberia
  • RUSS 250: Men Writing Women: Russian Literature in the Age of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy
  • RUSS 260: The Artist and the Tyrant: Twentieth-Century Russian Literature

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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Film Reviews

Aleksandr Galibin: Little Sister. KinoKultura 70, 2020

Dmitrii Suvorov: The First. KinoKultura 64, 2019

Daria Krylova, Andrei Maiover: Tomorrow Morning. KinoKultura 56, 2017

Sergei Mokritskii. Battle for Sevastopol’. KinoKultura 50, Oct 8, 2015

Emir Baigazin. Harmony Lessons. KinoKultura 45, Jul 3, 2014

Selected Book Reviews

Mark Bassin and Gonzalo Pozo, eds. The Politics of Eurasianism: Identity, Popular Culture and Russia’s Foreign Policy. Slavic and East European Journal 62:4, 2018.

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Selected Literary Translations

Ostap Slyvynsky, selected poems (Ukrainian to English). In Words for War: New Poems from Ukraine, ed. Oksana Maksymchuk and Maksym Popelysh-Rosochinsky. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017 (with Anton Tenser). 133-146.

1918 by Ostap Slyvynsky. Poetry International. Ukraine Feature: Words for War. (with Anton Tenser).

Life on Mars, poems from the cycle by Tracy K. Smith (English to Russian). TextOnly 42:2, 2014 (with Anton Tenser and Daniil Cherkassky).

Professional Affiliations
  • Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies
  • American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages