Wooster student Jack Redick wearing eye protection and a face mask working in a lab

Characterization of Substrate Promiscuity for 6-Hydroxynicotinate 3-Monooxygenase

A Transient Kinetic Investigation of the Decarboxylative-Hydroxylation of 5-Cl-6-Hydroxynicotinic Acid Name: Jack Redick Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Advisors:  Dr. Mark Snider, Dr. Paul […]

Sienna Carr portrait

Investigation of the Metabolic Role of Triose Phosphate Isomerase (TPI) in the Physiological Function of Myxococcus xanthus

Name: Sienna Carr Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. Dean Fraga, Dr. Erszébet Regan (second reader) Myxococcus xanthusis a well […]

Miura Wiley

Investigating the Role of cAMP in the Sleep Phenotype of the Drosophila Fragile X Syndrome Model

Name: Miura Wiley Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minor: Spanish Advisors: Dr. Seth Kelly, Dr. Rebecca Williams, Dr. James West (second reader) Fragile X […]

Merlin Li

Deciphering Protein Evolution – Evidence of Negative Cooperativity in Cytosolic Taurocyamine Kinase from Arenicola brasiliensis and its evolutionary implication

Name: Mingyuan “Merlin” Li Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Advisors: Dr. Mark Snider, Dr. Dean Fraga The study of biological evolution-how and why biological […]

Britain First: The British Union of Fascists’ Peace Campaign, 1932-1940

Student: Cormac Kelly Major: History Minor: Political Science Advisors: Greg Shaya Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists was Britain’s largest fascist party. A […]

All My N*ggas is Casket Pretty: Projects of Sustainability for Black Folks

Student: Sharah “Georgia” Hutson Major: Philosophy Advisor: Evan Riley Calvin Warren holds the notion that “anti-black violence continues without end and can never be […]

An Investigation into the Possible Impact of Early-Life Stress on Music as a Stress-Reduction Tool

Student: Sarah Vandenbergen Major: Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Minor: Music Advisor: Dr. John Neuhoff, Dr. Grit Herzmann Music is common stress-reduction tool, though the literature to support […]

Effects of Culture on Mental Health Stigma

Student: Dena Nashawati Major: Psychology Minors: Anthropology, East Asian Studies Advisors: Nathaniel Foster, Susan Clayton This paper discusses the differences in culture and how […]

Chasing Gold Statues: A Study of Kanye West and the Case for Abstract Minimalism in the Digital Age

Student: Sarah Stutler Majors: Art History, English Advisors: Christopher Kang, John Siewert American artist Kanye West has been in the public eye for over […]

Does Age Matter? The Effects of Age Composition on Social Movement Success

Student: Claire Miller Major: Political Science Minor: Chinese Advisors: Professor Leiby, Professor Bienvenue This study examines the relationship between youth membership in social movements […]

The Continuation of Violence: Analyzing the Retraumatization of Incarcerated Survivors of Domestic Violence and Evaluating the Potential of a “Trauma-Informed” Prison Model

Student: Eliana Kahn Major: Sociology, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Advisor: Dr. Tom Tierney, Dr. Zareen Thomas The purpose of my study was to […]

Durkheim’s Day in Court: A Sociological Analysis of Supreme Court Cases Concerning Conditions of Confinement Under the Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause

Student: Libbie Main Major: Sociology Minor: Political Science Advisors: Anne Nurse The goal of this study is to determine how ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ […]

Pedagogía Política: Un análisis de la enseñanza de la dictadura de Pinochet y los derechos humanos en Chile/Political Pedagogy: An Analysis of the Teaching of the Pinochet Dictatorship and Human Rights in Chile

Student: Emily Beuter Majors: History, Spanish Minor: Education Advisors: Dr. Katie Holt, Dr. Cynthia Palmer As Chileans continue to struggle with reconciling with their […]

Documerica: How Environmental Photography Captured an Era

Student: Ingrid Buckley Major: History Minor: Environmental Studies Advisor: Margaret Ng Documerica was a government sponsored photographic project created under the newly formed Environmental […]

Effects of Viscosity on the Isomerization of Calix[4]arene Capped Azobenzene

Student: John Nugent Major: Chemistry Advisor: Dr. Paul Bonvallet Calix[4]arene capped azobenzene (CCA) takes advantage of the isomerization of azobenzene and the host-guest interactions […]

Parks for the People: A Comparative Analysis of Diversity Engagement between Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Yosemite National Park

Student: Cami Miller Major: Anthropology Minor: Spanish Advisors: Dr. Zareen Thomas, Dr. David McConnell This research examines how an urban and wilderness national park […]

The Song of Siros

Student: John-Paul Richard Majors: English, Russian Studies Advisors: Dr. Bourne, Dr. Filimonova The Song of Siros is an original epic poem written about Siros, […]

Contested Commemoration: The Relationship Between Politics and the Memorialization of the Second World War in Polish Literature, Cinema, and Museums (1945-Present)

Student: Alexandria Joyner Major: History Minor: Education Advisor: Dr. Greg Shaya This study examines the relationship between politics and memory in Poland. I argue […]

Compactness Measures for Legislative Districts

Student: Isaac Weiss Majors: Mathematics, Political Science Minor: Computer Science Advisors: Dr. John Ramsay, Dr. Bas van Doorn Gerrymandering has been around for centuries […]

Empty Stadiums, Empty Promises: A Study of the Impact of Mega-Sporting Events on the Civil Unrest of the Host Country

Student: Brandon Borges Major: Political Science Advisors: Fiacre Bienvenu, Bas van Doorn Mega-sporting events such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup […]