Graduate Success

Some of our alumni have gone on to earn advanced degrees in fields such as theoretical computer science, evolutionary computing, and computational physics. After graduation our students have gone directly to Purdue, Dartmouth, The Ohio State University, Carnegie Mellon, and Indiana, among other graduate schools.

Computer Science majors from Wooster pursue diverse careers, from computer programming and consulting to web design, government agency work, and technical startups.

  • Blaire Bosley
    Blaire Bosley '18 graduated from the College of Wooster with a major in History and a minor in Computer Science. She is currently completing a master's in History at Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta, Georgia. At Georgia State, Blaire has been provided an opportunity to work on several digital projects such as digitization of the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) Atlanta-based museum and the creation of a walking tour about Folklore in Atlanta. Furthermore, she is also incorporating mapping software to display her research on black girls' forms of Activism in rural Georgia during the 1960s. Recently Blaire was offered admission into Georgia Tech's Digital Media Program as a Ph.D. candidate. Blaire's goal is to continue integrating humanities and technology by working on projects that utilize virtual and augmented reality, as well as 3D modeling.
  • Itai Njanji ’11, a double major in math and computer science is a Senior Technical Integration Consultant at Expedia, Inc.
  • Wenyuan (Wen) Wu ’11, math and computer science, is Director II at Liberty Mutual Insurance.
  • Daniel Norris ’09 is a Cloud Software Engineer at Acquia in Boston.
  • Mitch Haile ’02 is VP of Products for Conjur Inc., and has successfully started and sold four startup ventures.
  • Michael Rulf '93 is Product Development Executive for Kraftwerks Consulting.
  • Holly Laiveling ’92 is the Senior Software Engineer for Seton High School.
  • Ashesh Parekh ’92, a double major in math and computer science, is Senior Product Manager for Outerbay Technologies in the Silicon Valley area.
  • Amit Tibrewak ’90 is General Manager of IT Service at ITC Info Tech in India.