Major / Minor

Students will complete six courses to earn a minor, ten courses for the major (a total that includes both junior and senior Independent Study).

The major consists of ten courses and is designed to be flexible so that students can build a program of study that integrates their individual interests with career goals, and so that the core course requirements can be satisfied via a flexible menu of options. At the same time, a core curriculum will ensure that majors share a common conceptual framework. All majors will take the same introductory course, a core sequence, and the same research methods course; between these bookends, each pathway will develop a distinct trajectory that nonetheless builds on interdisciplinary connections both within and beyond the major.

Each major will take these courses:

  • Two introductory courses:
    Introduction to Global Media and Digital Studies and a second Introduction of their choice (Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies, Introduction to Film Studies, or Introduction to Digital Studies
  • One core course on theory and global perspectives (Transnational Perspectives on Media and Film
    OR Cultural Studies and Power)
  • Two departmental electives of their choice (see options below)
  • Two cross-listed interdisciplinary electives (see options below)
  • One research methods seminar (Junior IS equivalent; see options below)
  • Senior Independent Study

When students declare a GMDS major or minor, they will be guided through the process of mapping a path through the curriculum; pathway templates will assist students in shaping a cohesive curricular story that speaks to their academic and professional goals. Each pathway provides a core set of requirements for the students, to ensure coherence and structure, while allowing flexibility in choosing among options in both core and elective courses in their concentration areas. GMDS majors will graduate with both a strong conceptual framework and set of disciplinary methods and tools, and an individualized interdisciplinary network of courses that speaks to the specific interests, goals, and skill set of each student.

Foundations I Introduction to Global Media and Digital Studies
Foundations II Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies Introduction to Film Studies Introduction to Digital Studies
Theoretical core Cultural Studies and Power OR
Transnational Perspectives on Media and Film
Departmental Elective I Students will choose from a variety of courses within their pathway and/or production courses (see Departmental Electives list below)
Departmental Elective II
Interdisciplinary (Cross-listed) Elective I Students will choose from a variety of cross-listed electives related to their chosen pathway (see Interdisciplinary Cross-Listed Courses below).
Interdisciplinary (Cross-listed) Elective II
Junior Independent Study Students will choose one of four options, depending on their pathway and interests
Senior Independent Study I Senior Independent Study
Advisors to follow the model established by WGSS
Senior Independent Study II