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Theatre and Dance as studied at The College of Wooster emphasizes the relationship between scholarship and artistry, investigating both the range and depth of the human experience. The Theatre and Dance major and minor curriculums offer a broad range of knowledge designed to examine acting, directing, dance, design and technology, history literature, playwriting, and theory, focusing in each area on the importance of analyzing texts in their various modes: the written text, the visual text, and the physical text. While the Theatre and Dance student may choose to specialize in one of these particular areas of the discipline for their Senior Independent Study, the departmental philosophy remains dedicated to the liberal arts belief in developing the artist/scholar.

The Department encourages original and creative thinking grounded in its interdisciplinary curricular structure. At the same time, the Department emphasizes a combination of historical and critical analyses relevant to the study of various texts, all of which inform the creation of a wide range of performance genres. The artist/scholar model also informs the departmental production season and contributes to the diversity of traditional and non-canonical performance and course offerings.

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