Hope for the World in 2021


Wooster Students Share Their Hopes for the World in 2021

This past year was marked by significant tumult, uncertainty, and anxiety in the face of an evolving global pandemic, persistent anti-Black violence, social unrest, and a nation divided. Wooster’s wonderful staff and faculty worked incredibly hard to create great Wooster experiences for students on campus and around the world in these challenging times. The shape of academic and co-curricular life was altered in myriad ways, and ever-changing as the pandemic shifted around us.

Through it all, Wooster students remain resilient, hopeful, eager, and with an eye towards the future. Please enjoy their hopes for the world in 2021. May your hearts and minds be filled with their spirit as we enter the New Year. Season's greetings!

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Wooster Chorus performs "I Hope," by Tuvayhun, Beatitudes for a Wounded World (composed by Kim André Arnesen)