Even when practicing core prevention strategies, you may still catch a virus and develop respiratory symptoms. If that happens, call the Longbrake Wellness Center at 330-263-2319 to make an appointment, and follow recommendations in the CDC’s Updated Respiratory Virus Guidance: What to do When You Are Sick. Specifically:

  • Stay at home. As much as possible, you should stay home and away from others until at least 24 hours after both:
    • Your symptoms are getting better overall, and
    • You have not had a fever (and are not using fever-reducing medication).

Please note: Students who are ill are responsible for notifying their professors and any work supervisors or coaches.

  • Once your overall symptoms improve and you have not had a fever for at least 24 hours without using fever reducing medication, you can resume normal activities, and use added prevention strategies over the next five days, such as taking steps for cleaner air, enhancing your hygiene practices, wearing a well-fitting mask, keeping a distance from others, and/or getting tested for respiratory viruses.