Intent to Submit Form

This form should be submitted when a grant opportunity has been identified. The Sponsored Research office will reach out to set up a kickoff meeting for the project following receipt of this form.

Intent to Submit Form (pdf)

Modification Form

This form should be submitted whenever a change needs to be made to the approved award. This could include a budget realignment, account object code changes, no cost extensions, or changes in the PI.

Budget Template

This is the budget information that the Business Office needs to help process your award. This information covers many of the various forms that grant organizations will ask for. Sonya Coleman can answer questions regarding this form, or any specific requirements that your funder has (ie. Cost sharing, etc.).

Download Template (.xlsx)

Proposal Transmittal Form

This form must be completed before a proposal can be submitted to a funding agency. Federal grants and other organizations that require an AOR to submit a grant proposal will not be filed until this form is received. This form allows all campus partners to be made aware of the funding proposal. Because it requires signatures from multiple offices, it is encouraged that all parts of the form be submitted at least three business days prior to the grant deadline.

Proposal Transmittal Form (pdf)

Request for Opportunity Research

This form allows our office to help you find funding opportunities for your research. When this form is received, our office will complete a broad search for the grants that align with your specific research objectives. Then we will meet with you and provide a report of research options. This form does not replace the Intent to submit form, which you will still need to complete once a grant opportunity is chosen.

Request for Opportunity Form (pdf)