President Bolton Releases Statement in Support of International Students and Scholars

WOOSTER, Ohio – On Saturday, Jan. 28, in response to the executive order announced by the White House late Friday afternoon, President Sarah Bolton sent the following message to all students, faculty, and staff at The College of Wooster:
Dear Wooster Scots,
The College of Wooster has students, as well as staff and faculty, from dozens of nations around the world. These international members of our community deeply benefit the College and advance its mission. They allow all of us – whether or not we were born in the United States – to live, learn and teach more fully, and to make meaning in a context informed by the wisdom, faith traditions, and experiences of many cultures. We all benefit from these opportunities, and we need them.  They are central to who we are, and they enrich who we can become.
Because international perspectives are so crucial to the thriving of our College, our community, and our democracy, I will advocate at every opportunity for continued access for international students and scholars to colleges and universities in the United States.
It is an honor to us all that so many students, staff and faculty choose to come to Wooster from outside of the United States. I am committed to ensuring that our campus is a welcoming place for them, and I’m grateful to the many Wooster Scots who, together, create that welcome.
Sarah Bolton, President
International students, from more than 40 countries, account for 10 percent of the college’s total enrollment.

Posted in Announcements on January 30, 2017.