Wooster Honors Employees at Annual Service Recognition Luncheon


WOOSTER, Ohio — The College of Wooster honored 14 retirees and 67 employees at its annual staff service recognition luncheon on May 17 in Lowry Center.

Heading the list are two retirees with 40 or more years of service – Treva Morris, who ended her tenure after 42 years in campus dining, and Lynn Catlos, retiring after 40 years in the bookstore. Also retiring are Sharon Bodle, Patricia McVay Gorrell and Day Logan all from Andrews Library, and Chuck Gard and Mike Gorrell from the post office. Other retirees include Pam Rose (learning center), Sheila Ellis (custodial services), Mark Niemczyk (campus grounds), Fred Vizzo (physical education), Inez Bird (admissions), Karol Crosbie (college relations), and Pam Tegtmeier (human resources).
In addition to the retirees, Matt Chastain (campus dining) will be recognized for 40 years of service along with Tom Love (physical education) and Kitty McManus Zurko (art museum) with 35 years. Five employees will be marking 30 years of service: Gail Miller and Donna Casey from custodial services, Susan Dunlap (Andrews Library), Mike Gorrell (post office), and Pam Rose (learning center).
Those marking 25 years are David “Geordie” Brown (physical education), Sharon Howard (campus dining), Tom Lockard (facilities management), and Susan Remark (facilities management), while eight others will celebrate 20 years at Wooster, including Michael Hutson and Joe Kirk from security and protective services, Timothy Covert and Barb Flickinger from custodial services, along with Lisa Kastor (career planning), Doug Cline (physical education), Tabitha Conwell (digital infrastructure), and Beau Mastrine (campus grounds).
The 15-year honorees are Roger Dills (digital infrastructure), Catherine Finks (admissions), Robyn Laditka (career planning), Lorie Stimpert (bookstore), and Robin Welty (copy center), along with Michael Bonadio, Jeanette Closson, Krystal McKinney, Angel Reyes-Gomez, Randolph Thomas, and Joanne Turner, all in campus dining. Those marking 10 years are Tammy Bowman (advancement services), Terri Brigham (business office), Kevin Cooper (security and protective services), Christy Durham (campus dining), Susan Hollin (post office), Mitchele Lietzke (campus grounds), Pamela Long (campus dining), Michael Naylor (digital infrastructure), Denise Palombi (campus dining), Shawne Payson (custodial services), and Ashley Reid (physical education).
Rounding out the list are five-year honorees including campus dining employees Sandra Buchanan, Ilene Hileman, Cena Keegan, and Jessie Morr; custodial services employees Dawn Hartley, Sherry Gerber, Steven Stickelmaier, and Melanie Taylor; facilities management employees Tony Collins, Robert Henry, David Stake, and William McVey; along with Robin Croft (information technology), Lauren Holmes (security and protective services), Kristin Feierabend (chemistry), Annette Hodkinson (student wellness center), Nathan Huston (physical education), Andrea Jeffers (physical education), Ronda Kirsch (mathematics), Gillian Lee (writing center), David Newberry-Yokley (admissions), Anne Ober (student wellness center), Linda Swanson (advancement services), Jennifer Winge (admissions), and Kayla Yorko (security and protective services).

Image: Matt Chastain, production manager in campus dining, honored for 40 years of service by Dee McCormick, VP of Finance and Business, and President Sarah Bolton.

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